• First off, isn’t this the same dude who beat the shit out of a female on camera? Why is this faggot getting promoted – on this website or any others?

    Second, I heard one verse from dude way back when, and that was enough for me. He is unapologetically terrible at rapping.

    Last, Jeezy and Twista are showing their true character by associating themselves with this clown. No wonder both fell off.

    Rant over.

  • Scrilla(MTV’s hottest MC’s in the game, Jeezy in 1st place)

    jeezy the GOAT

  • ZzzZzzZzz

    *no comment* <—– #THATSALIE ha!

  • Yeezus Christ

    woman beater

  • lou

    twistas flow is like no other

  • Me

    Co-sign Real Talk!!! Nuff Said

  • Yall stay hating on niggas

  • Anon DCPL

    This iguana looking nigga.

  • WindyCityG72

    I fuks wit Reese, Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rhianna , the biggest singer in the world and yall still love that guy, So reese slapped around some hood rat for a min. everyone makes mistakes, lets move on CHICAGO STAND UP!

  • HK

    Fx w/this song but hope Lil Reese is getting his sh*t together. That video was not cool.

  • i wondered whut happened to this becuz terrance hanton bigged up this on ur RESPECT site!

  • prai$e

    lol shots at ross from jeezy. why did they put jeezy first on this? i stopped listening after his verse.

  • Jay Jones

    What the fact that he beats a chick has with his sound?
    Big Pun was a great rapper and a wife beater, ALL THE GREAT HAD A DARKSIDE but they delivered the product…so Reese may not be a legend but as an artist he does what he gotta do…which deliver music to the masses.