New Video: Slick Pulla x C-Cide “Torture”

Torture, muthafucka. Slick Pulla and his Blue-flagged comrades inflict pain on their victims in his new visual aid. The song will appear on his forthcoming album,

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  • Chyeah

    UUUUUUUUdayyyyyyy.. Slick Pulla a.k.a. Young Bobby Drake.. dis shit tight tho

  • rahrahrah

    What logo is the victim in this video wearing?

  • Tim Dog


  • PRezzi

    nobody fucks wit you …. u may be good money in the streets but the people outside which is everyONE dont fuck wit you musically. fall back ock

  • onenutned

    give yo momma camera back.

  • Album available on iTunes right now!! Body of Evidence