• JustMyOpinion

    Fif about to be a problem. Son back…….2013 is his. Can’t front we counted him out for a second there.

  • MMG

    new bffs lol prediction in 2 weeks they will be beefing we all know 50 don’t keep friends.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @MMG. Dont worry about FIF & JEEZY worry about them GD’s.


    both these niggas is boring as fuck, 50 never dropping his album.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Rapper’s don’t beef with each other. Internet boggers do. They’re the ones that keep it going. If a post go about 50 someone mentions Rick Ross. It’s a bit counterintuitive (non-sensical for you slow folks) to ask internet bloggers to FOCUS on the subject at hand. Let rapper’s worry about their own beef.


    I like how rapradar is puttin up 50’s stuff more and more…he deserves it!!!!

  • MMG

    keep your opinins to urself rick ross is safe in EVERY HOOD and meek in dem streets 50 continues to FAIL

  • matrix

    Nigg said both these niggz is boring as fugg…stop it these niggz is is the real streets…fugg what the industry try to push on niggz lol..Niggz got hits for days see how jeezy can just run right into a next banger bacc to bacc…that shit is the truth!!

  • rahrahrah

    50 looks ready, and the crowd seems to be responding well. And this is a new song. I don’t know about radio play. Is anyone hearing it on their stations?

  • I don’t know, but Fif is killin ’em wid dis rightcheah!

  • Facts

    Exactly what the game’s been missing

  • Jamal

    this nigga trying hard to hang around Young Jeezy to get some of his buzz Jeezy dont need wack ass 50 around him.. Lets be real musically Ross bodied 50 but he cant do tht to Jeezy because niggas still care about Jeezys music they dont care about 50’s unless he beefing

  • Mash out

    Yo I’m in that clip mollied up lol

  • Hollywood

    @ Jamal Lets be real The Internet and the blogger industry bodied your logic on Hip Hop…..


    We dnt care about wack ass 50 he always copying Game….i remember!! Ft jezzy


    @justMyopinion fuck your gay ass Opinion! Dnt get high kicked in ya face lol

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ A COMPLETE waste of our public school system.

  • brodie

    Niggas talkin shit about 50 but that crowd seemed to go crazy when he came out on that stage hmm yall mmg dick riders are lame as fuck

  • Black Shady

    50 and Jeezy…..real niggas !

  • Q

    Here for jeez


    Game will always make better music then 50.


    And S/O to MMG, you 50 stans be mad cause they winning and fiff is irrelevant! Stop hating and take em L’s

  • The original lucci

    Curtis should go ahead and just sign to CTE/def jam that’s more gunits lane!!! 50 got put in that “box” becuz he was trying to get rich or die trying!!

  • TUV

    @The Original lucci You have better luck with CTE signing to G-Unit… 50 is a real BOSS

  • NY KIdd

    Im a EC boy i like that old fif that spit frm the gut then, i seen how he acts like a little ho, if you will. The guy gets mad when your better then him, SMH see what he did when Game got bigger he hated that! KICKED him out, when kanye Smoked him thats what really kill him. Now look where’s Banks?? 50 cent has turned in to diddy (when ya shit gonna stop)fat joe voice

  • NY KIdd

    @Tuv why would they do that?? Cte is popin gunit not so much