• 85

    get em boy

  • why?

    To be honest if dude changed his name maybe I would take his music more seriously. Joey badass sounds corny and like something a white frat boy would call himself.

  • bada$$

    @why? are you being serious? this kid has immense potential, actually fuck that the kid is better than 90% of rappers right now, with some wise decisions he can do whatever he wants in this game. if your gonna hold back from really listening to dude because of his name then thats fucked up… this guys the truth

  • HIPoWeR

    JOEY HAS MAD SKILLS ON THE MIC, i for one hope he goes far in his career

  • yaboyyy

    Hov… sign this boy up

  • E$CO

    Yall put this kid on a pedestal WAY too much. His rhyme was ass cheecks.

  • BIgMo

    @E$CO you talkin crack boy, joey a beast

  • GTFO

    Only people Hating are FAILED Artist. This is FIRE.

  • Elitesmoove

    Young Boi definitely got potential and a great future ahead of him if he make the right decisions. Its been a long time since NY hip hop been on top. He is giving the greatest city in the world some more fuel for a comeback finally…he got that 90’s flow…we need that right now in the game…the bubble-gum, lollipop, rap is over! Time to bring it back to the essence…I look forward to hearing more from the him…

  • naijaboy

    what tht second beat they played?

  • mrfukkyofeelings

    this nigga to nice, but bdot is corny lmao

  • L4U

    “Iced out Medallions” Royal Flush

  • L4U


  • boss don

    kids nice

  • joeyyyyy

    keep it up joey you gone shine this year, 2013 year of the Bada$$ mark my words

  • it’s the roc

    man, joey badass is ill. and the way dj wonder caught joeys timing so quick and brought the boom beat back, nasty!

  • Don’t believe me just watch

    Add joey to the list of great rappers out of Brooklyn. This kid is ill! Brooklyn stand up

  • lostprodigy

    Better late than never downloading 1999…. I like this kid.

  • IAM

    “they dont like the name but they say the music dope doe….”

  • Bad Ass

    he is nice and his mixtapes is the best hip hop music that has come out the last 10 years….I hope he NEVER SIGNS TO JAY Z, fuck that roc nation shit…Jay Z will never let this nigga get his shine on, just look at all the new artist jay z signed, they all are held back or never come out with good shit…keep being INDEPENDENT Joey, make that music with the freedom of creativity

  • chris

    What was the name of the last beat

  • chris

    Someone plz help me out wat was the name of the last beat

  • Dom

    What was that third beat

  • kwalkrealtalk

    The third beat is ” boom by royce the 5’9″