The Breakfast Club Interviews Vado

The free agent Vado hit up Power 105 this morning. He spoke on Slime Flu 3, why he left Interscope and potentially signing with Khaled. Vado also says all is well with him and Dip Set and that he, Lloyd Banks and Fab once discussed forming a group. After the jump, he visits Streetsweeper Radio.

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  • Joe lake

    Papoose part 2. career expired


    enough of these clusterfucks who will never be on top of rap.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Vado got potential. Signing with a team (emphasis) may get him pushed to the back.

    It’s funny how they (Power 105) spent the first half of the interview pushing for a NY sound THEN end the interview with “I think you should sign with Khaled.” Contradiction.

  • Chris

    No mention of how he used to get up in Angela Yee’s guts?

  • Marlonz

    I envy Vado for this^^^^^

  • sam

    look at the first 2 comments wtf is up y’all ass? if it’s good music it’s good music listen to his tracks ‘Right Now’, ‘Full Clip’, ‘Off Hiatus’, ‘Badman’ off Slime Flu 3…. if ur a fan of hip hop why would u hate this dude? Lyrical bangers what more do u want? Y’all the same niccas responsible for that trinidad james garbage blowin up

  • IfYouWatchedIt


    They mentioned it pretty much at the very beginning.

  • NYC

    wait, vado was fucking angela yee?

  • Black Shady

    ^ damn right he was

    got me mad as fuck lol

  • priime dawg

    asap, bronson and joey badass are killin it from ny.

    vado bringing backny? smh

  • Rude – Boy

    I see he was hanging out with Khaled Khaled the other day. I really hope he don’t sign with him.

  • really 23

    STOP IT 5

  • King Chandler

    @priime dawg………Asap raps like he was born and raised in Texas, how the fuck is he bringing NY back? He’s doing numbers commercially but that doesn’t mean shit, I wouldn’t even care if he was original and had his own sound but he literally just bit another regions sound. Dude spits countless bars about his fashion and adds a couple chopped and screwed vocals in between, he shouldn’t be brought up in the same convo as Bronson and Joey.

  • priime dawg

    @King Chandler

    that’s true, he’s heavily influenced by h-town sound but he’s still representin ny. everything don’t gotta be 90s ny boom bap. asap shitted on action bronson and joey badass on 1 train. classic ny track. so give this man some credit.

    vado got bars, but thats it. his delivery is awful.

  • matrix

    This nigg betta not sign with this fuggin nigg khaled…thats not a good look…vado is a talented mothafugga this slime flu 3 shit got hella good lyrics and some banging joints…some of them beats is the same ole same ole tho smh…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Signing with Khaled “We The Best” Vado? I just can’t take you seriously man.

  • Kemosabi

    Atleast he would have an album that would see the light of day w Khaled. He would obviously be the no.1 option for that label orrrrr if it doesn’t work out they can put him on CM/YMCMB and drown him out in obvious features c. Ace Hood lol

  • County Of Kings

    yall niggas sound stupid. i would much rather hear Vado fuck wit DJ Khaled and get albums out on a regular basis.

    u mean to tell me that fuckin ace hood is getting radio spins and multiple albums and mixtapes yearly and u dont want Vado to have that kinda exposure???

    Cam and Vado are the future, dipset is over. Go and sign wit Khaled and get your radio spins up my nigga. Vado spits, and he can do that radio commercial shit easy. branch out, network, stack paper. the end

  • IBeKnowing

    i seen these cats open up for Vado once, shit was dope

  • the brain trust

    Yo, I fuck with Vado. He’s very nice on the mic.

    There are a few things he needs though. A good team behind him, some innovative production, an interesting story (who is he? What does he stand for?) & some more diverse flows.

    Currently, the song ‘My Team Go’ is flames. Fuck, I need to download Slime Flu 3.

  • Devante

    Yall not thinking.. Ace Hood had 3 albums and flopped on all 3 and now has the green light to drop his 4th.. Khaled must be doing something right..

  • RickYo

    Vado + Banks + Fab = SICK