• c00l st0ry br0

    8 BALL u gotta hav this kid do sum of ur beatz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFpyOLgfWeY heard him at MAGIC rapping for JAS PRINCE AS WELL. no way KANYE Wouldnt sign him

  • Belize

    part 1 still gets rotation..shyt was cold bruh


    8 Ball that NO ROOM track is definitely dat track. Orange Mound going in……..SALUTE.

  • rahiemshabazz

    8 Ball is a legend and we expect nothing less than greatness. #Salute

  • @BlueScalise

    Niggas need to not sleep on 8Ball. His flow rides the beat like no other.

  • dontlook


  • acidrap

    Bro Im so glad some of these real cats like 8ball,juicy j n paul,too $hort old ass, are still putting out music. They just stayin current beat-wise and keep doin what they do. I don’t know how these muthafuckin weak ass kids can stand future,french,gucci,asap..dudes are industry clowns. This tape and that new Master P are hard as hell. If imma listen to songs about hood ass shit like trappin,pimpin,robbin..Id rather hear these original dudes on it than the sucka ass kids that bite they shit

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