• Kinda Normal

    Honestly I’m not too impressed when I see a concert video that doesn’t show the audience. It sounds like there are only a hand full of people in the audience. On top of that he’s performing over the track. Thats very amateur. I haven’t got into the music vet as a fan but based on this video/performance its going to take me longer to give this guy a chance.

  • Vegazxx

    shit sound mad empty…. hot97 may have put him on first, but if he was buzzing super hard it wouldnt matter because people wouldve showed up just for him… my honest opinion i think he shouldve stayed indy a little while longer after Driving 88, he had a show here in Milwaukee and it was MAD empty, and we’re only 1 1/12 out of his Chicago which is his strongest market.

  • HatinIsForSuckas

    The Mixtape is Dope all the way threw… ^^^^ What are yall A&Rs! In my perfessional opinion he should have stayed Indie cause its that easy to get in the game you can turn down opportunities Just be fans if u like the music support the dude if not keep it moving fans always trying to break shit down like there professionals.. wasn’t like thisin the 2000s

  • BO-RING!

  • LOL real talk @Hatin

  • Uno

    Im from chicago and i think Rockie sounds hella basic..