• arrrf

    Omfg King Kendrick Lamar.
    Poetic Justice was absolutely PERFECT

  • Jon

    Kendrick has become so fucking famous and he doesn’t even compromise on his albums.

    this man is already a legend, congrats Kdot

  • Zeerax

    this guy is crazy, Best rapper right now

  • Black Shady

    If he can drop 2 more albums just as great as GKMC,,,,he’ll have to be on THE list…

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  • Asap Rocky,Kendrick Lamar,Meek Mill,Big Sean&Drake Are The Hottest Young Niggas Out Right Out.

  • steezplati

    why aint this workin

  • koO

    K.Dot on some other level shiit.

  • Don

    This nigga Trash

  • Rick

    He’s so overrated its crazy. He is the worst I’ve heard in at least 10 years..trash..complete trash. I can’t stand this dude.

  • David

    I have to admit he is now my favorite rapper.
    damn he’s already better than pac

  • Jo

    Yep, he isn’t overrated, he is just the best


  • bigHUNT

    @David, kill yourself

  • afde

    This kid is unstoppable, and I have to go see him live after seeing these performances. Poetic Justice is one of the best rap songs of the last 10 years, and it was amazing to see him do it live. I was talking to a coworker at DISH who really liked the mix they had going on the show with his voice being much louder than the sample, but I like the studio cut better myself. I missed the first part of the show because I was working late at DISH last night, but I was able to catch up with a recording. I love how my DISH Hopper can store up to 2,000 hours of shows and movies because even though I record a lot of different series I can afford to record SNL just in case something comes up. I am saving this one just for these performances, which have to be the best of the year so far on SNL.



  • NaS

    What a Annoying voice he has

  • JU.ICE

    Good to see K.dot do his thing i remember when no1 knew him then he was on Game’s Mixtape now look at him good look

  • klqrence

    I definitely agree, He’s better than pac right now

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces


    Your comment has convinced me to purchase a DISH Hopper. well done

  • Q

    I like kendrick but he aint King Game by far

  • Q

    By FAR!

  • E/piLL

    Kendrick lamar (KDot)better then Pac?!?!?!?!?!?!???thafuk?.!.!? LMfAO! he aint even on Game’s Level so How you gonna even say that? You dumb SOB

  • dGk

    Dnt watch snl

  • Sam

    Post frank ocean gettin that ass whip

  • Jay

    @e/pill i fill you….Damn, kendrick’s fans are really ignorant. smh

  • Jay

    “He enters Cali like a conquering hero. But what has he conquered?”

  • Jay

    ……He ain’t no King of the West he just don’t have it fuck what gay boy Dre says dre turned his back on the west so he cant say shit

  • Kayyson

    Pac is the most overrated rapper ever so Iy’s not impossible for Kendrick to be better.

  • Judge Dredd

    People commenting are a bunch of dickriding faggots. Kendrick is good but Royce, Krit, Ab Soul, Tito Lopez, Lupe, Nas and few others are all better.

  • X-meh

    @Kayyson 2pac was THE BEST! do your ears wrk? Ithink @JAY might have a point “ignorant” stans lost they Damn mind. I’m form VA s/O push, but anyways when I think of “the west coast kings” i think of 2pac and The Game not kendrick i think he’s okay tho his s80 was better then his gkmc 2 me.

  • The illuminati

    I like jayrock better

  • dGk

    Pac? Wtf yall On

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  • krazy

    lol guys, Kendrick is actually the best right now, I’m a hip hop journalist and I know what I’m talking about

  • turnit

    of course he is the best….1) Kendrick 2) pac 3) biggie 4) nas or eminem

  • Yo-laah

    yep some ppl are mad because kendrick has the crown.

    Kendrick is actually the best rapper alive right now

  • haiki

    true, kendrick is the only rapper I can fuck with.

    Kendrick lamar > hip hop

  • troumAns

    This kid is so talented, that’s impressive

  • kilazzZZzz

    best rapper of the 21th century

  • the Chef

    thx kendrick, you saved hip hop

  • The people that are hating on dude probably have Jagged Edge and Nelly posters hanging up in their bedrooms. “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

  • spqWny

    kendrick is a legend

  • IDontCare

    i only feel like he’s the best because other artists are ass to me, like the state of hiphop is so wack to me this the only nigga i fuck with

  • lolQ

    yeah kendrick is settings the bar too high for others

  • The original lucci

    These niggas times is up. K. Dot next ta blow!!!