New Video: Meek Mill “Dreams & Nightmares Intro”

For the visual to his Dreams & Nightmares‘ opener, Meek drifts off in to la la land and finds himself walking down the road to his success. Ciroc is such a great thing to wake up to.

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    No video is showing. It says “No hotlinking please.”

  • Rude – Boy

    la la land is where Officer Ricky spends most of his time. It sounds great, I have always wanted to go there.

  • The Real Truth

    this video is hot…

  • Great song , cool video

    Should have kept his album on this vibe

    MMG failed the kid Meek

    Sorry Meek

    @p0si0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Horrible Bosses

  • fuck

    fuck that shit i’m in france and i can’t see the video here, i need a youtube link plz

  • Cruel Thing

    I hate clean songs

  • dontlook

    B Hayes The Pimp
    Dat nigga meek.. Wy he aint do traumatized or sumn else? He trippin

  • god damn this guy sucks at rapping.

  • onenutned

    cass got to this nucca

  • brick

    hottest nigga in the rap game with the most haters

  • tucq

    i dont know how anybody can hate on this song. it has 2 be one of the best intro tracks ever made.


    a little too late. album been flopped……………….

  • Donn

    It puzzles me how ppl don’t like an artist but watch everything they put out and comment on everything they do.

    Chill video

  • hannibal lecture

    @brick the perfect for name for a meek mill fan cause that’s exactly what his album did BRICK!

  • 2 Cents

    Lol Who makes videos for their albums intro? I guess meek is stepping out the box or…is it the toughest joint on the album?

  • skillz

    ^^ the latter

  • Ronnie Mack


  • shit cray

    Good vid. traumatize should be next. yall niggas still hating btw

  • A$VP J-MAC

    Real Nigga shit

  • It’s the roc

    ill vid and song. Meek B.C.(before Cassidy)


    video was ill! he spit that fire yo..if you wana check it out and u outside the US check it here

  • Sutty lad

    #ROAM 2

  • Beaming

    How can you say Meek suck at rapping? You may not like him but what separates Meek from all these other rappers is HE HAS BARS. smh go and support 2 chainz and future. Yall a bunch of bums. What yall need to do is get to the nearest building, get to the top, then do society a favor and take the fast way down. The world will appreciate it. 1 less bum ass nigga in the world.

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  • this is good , he is fire

  • hot

  • very nice

  • Deebo

    I will always prefer the young Meek Milly who had the soggy braids murdering any beat on the corner to the industry Meek.

  • BKLYN44

    Cass sonned this dude…..Weak Mill!

  • The original lucci

    Maybach nigga wit Bugatti dreams!! That first dream chasers wuz thee 1