• MMG


  • Devante

    Something is real suss about Chris Brown He has signs of being a closeted homosexual. Dude is always angry and for some reason he feels he has to prove he’s masculine every chance he gets.

  • mac DIESEL


    …….GIRL FIGHT!!!! HA!!!!


  • epinz

    Rick ross or somebody in miami got shot at a bunch a times in they rolls royce this morn too….out here by ft lauderdale….they sayin ross got shot at a few times

  • fake rappers

    cut the check nigga

  • fake rappers

    nigga got clapped at in his own city n state, talking about he can put a 1000 gangstas in any hood

  • salutemeorshootme

    forget the bs gay stuff these industry cats be doin… people got more important tings to focus on.. like when is this dropping.. http://bit.ly/U66BSN

  • dontlook

    Dis ishhh right here lol B HAYES THE PIMP

  • Clover

    R&B beef is so played out.

  • Brick

    Well, I guess we know the answer to “What’s a even less manlier fight than Chris Brown vs. Drake?”

  • bold

    If you’re AT ALL close to the industry, you know situations where Chris Brown starts a confrontation with someone happen all the time. He’s a piece of trash and if history remembers him, it’ll be for that… His whole “I’m all about positivity, #teambreezy is all that matters, these things just HAPPEN to me” rap is all horseshit.

    Hip-hop bloggers are always crying about white bloggers ruining ‘their culture’ because they’re writing thinkpieces on Chief Keef. I’d argue that continuing to turn the other way whenever Chris Brown reveals himself to be a horrible role model and human being is worse.

  • Me

    Tell Frank it’s just a parking Spot not that big of a deal

  • Dwayne Gretsky

    According to a report from NBC 6 in South Florida, a Rolls Royce carrying an unidentified

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  • Black Shady

    both homos…..

  • R

    Frank Ocean is Gay!!!

  • The Other P

    Chris & RiRi are the new Bobby & Whitney. The couple that abuses coke together, fucks up their careers together.

  • Safe Dwade

    Haha tmz got it wrong niga

  • them girls need to cut it out

  • Lets remember chris wanted to be cool wif frank.. Frank ocean is the one who talked shit..and at the end frank is probably the one who wanted to prove somethin cuz he knows chris is crazy lol

  • killyoself

    Wow, 2 butt-pirates slappin’ each other over a parking space.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

  • PistolPistol


  • Reefer

    Well atleast y’all know frank wasn’t fighting over Rihanna (like… He can’t right? Lol)

  • datdude

    yall understand that the story TMZ collected was from chris’ affiliates? of course theyre gonna say it wasnt chris. this story is fuckin retarded.. you think frank ocean would start shit over a parking spot?

  • LOL…. Back in the day niggaz used to fight over a whole city or region of a country, nowadays niggaz fight over a parkin space spot. SMFH



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  • G

    Frank Ocean probably said something about Rhinana, just like Drake did at the club when Chris and Drake went at it. But they definately not fighting over her. Franks a FAG. Nigga should be in Draya’s FineAssGirls, homo ass nigga.

  • Beaming

    This was prob the best chick fight in recent years! DAMN to bad they aint tape it so we could’a seen Chris and Frank kicking and pulling each others hair. DAMN!

  • TheTruthIs…

    This guy stay fighting bitches…

  • SayItAin’tSo


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    frank ocean hates chris brown and wants drama, honestly think chris is above that, frank shuld be too

  • The original lucci

    This shit is comedy I wish they had footage of fiasco

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  • rapradarsucksmonkeyballs

    how would that make sense. if someone has a rep for doing something bad your always going to think they started a fight. just like metta world peace. he has a rep for throwing the elbows so when he fouls somone does that mean it should always be a techincal foul. no ocean stop playing the gay card

  • PEEP

    SMH at all this gay ass child like fuckery thats perfectly excepted. What’s wrong with my people?? I’m moving to Costa Rica.

  • PEEP

    My people are brain-washed n addicted to the filth the media and these big companies feed us.

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