• lolQ

    this man rly saved hip hop, thank you kendrick

  • Relly

    this is old…

  • mort

    this morning? this is old as fuck

  • it’s the roc

    @ lolQ

    did you not hear that tyga “molly” song today? aint nobody saving hip hop

  • david

    Kendrick already saved hip hop man, he’s a legend

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  • Nick

    lmao y’all are straight retarded, this is old as fuck, he talks about thanksgiving in the damn video

  • Dub

    @David get gay ass kendricks dick out your booty ya bish this nigga a joke im frm the WC

  • JaM-100


  • Reply

    Kendricks cool but…he aint crazy in my ipod i have like 5songs thats it sumtimes dudes voice is mad annoyin

  • The original lucci

    K. Dot hittin every show they got in exsitince in the entire country.