New Mixtape: DJ SNS & Lil SNS Son Of The Future


It’s a family affair as DJ SNS and his son Lil SNS release their new mixtape, Son Of The Future. Guests include

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  • Brutally Honest

    AAAAWWWWWHHHHH, how easy to have a family member in the industry to give your wack ass a leg up in the game #nolove

    • B.Dot


  • Smarter Than You

    The Kid actually can SPIT despite the Nepotism you are eluding to!! I heard a couple records and I’m IMPRESSED!! He needs to grow as an artist but he has Talent.

    AND YES B dot he is JEALOUS!! LmAO

  • How Wonderful…

    Learn your History @ Brutally Honest.

    SNS has some of the best mixtapes from the mid 90’s Unlike most DJ’s nowadays, SNS knows how to rock a real party. I still have his mixtape Something For That Ass part 3 and Niggaz Aint Nice from 1995. Those tapes destroy the majority of hip hop music being released today.

    And Lil SNS gets busy too. Dont comment on what you have no knowledge of.

  • That cover 🙁 🙁

  • Chris

    This kid has some bars, but totally not ready for prime time yet. Needs to brush up a lot of his skills. As we saw with Diggy, when you put someone out there before they’re all the way ready, in terms of being a fully formed artist, it can go quite bad. And once you get that stink of failure on you, it’s tough to come back from it.

  • HARLEM is BACK ! i like this alot

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  • Que

    how can i download a song from his mixtape to my phone ??