• Reefer

    Decent track tho! This shits gettin old now! Stop with the shots already, nobody gives a fuk!

  • dmfslimm

    Fuckin right. Give it to em P. The Alchemist strikes again. Can’t wait.

  • brollya

    he say on his twitter the album come out tomorrow

  • priime dawg


  • @brollya are you dumb? it says “”GIVE EM’ HELL” the first single from the ALBERT EINSTEIN album drops tomorrow!!”… idiot!!

  • brollya

    the only idiot is u wen i fucked ya mom wit u in the house and u did nothin “im fuckin ya mom and we almost the same age”

  • Ramel

    Dope ass beat, but Good God it’s sad how much P has fallen off. Just a bunch of repetitive, basic ass bars

  • Lethargic1

    This beat could’ve been used for someone who would’ve spazzed on it.

  • PistolPistol


  • A Realist

    This is TOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prodigy is Back!!!!!!

  • Jbproductions

    Dark dope hardcore raw war rap!
    Can’t wait for the album . Def copping

  • Peekay

    sad to say but P’s really lost it. He sounds bored.

  • Worldwiderap

    Fire! Aint nothin for ya sweet ass buttcheeks ass punks. This that street shit.

  • dixon

    ALC always come through with that good shit

  • LoverofHipHop

    Alc never disappoints…been killing shit lately. Too bad that’s where it stops…I don’t know what it is but that hook was very meh.


    P been fell off, and what the fuck is this nigga doing promoting this bullshit? we not stupid P, we know u down with those fuckboys.

  • Qballday

    Fux all these flamingos give em hell P… Keep comin with that heat for these suckaz

  • Blahzag


  • Bigboi

    Good stuff P n ALC…

  • Blood

    Albert Einstein. Dope shit

  • Venom354

    FIRE!!!! P & Al always a good combo

  • Criminalcollateral

    ” ey yo ey yo they know I blow niggas away like tornados…”
    Fuckboys better fall back.
    Gutter track

  • datdude

    alchemist one of the best out right now

  • Curtis75Black

    This shit is crazy !!

  • Dopest shit I heard P on in awhile

  • Prodigy is good in my eyes. Sleep on Pee if ya want

  • floridaboy

    this raw af

  • its the roc

    EASILY the best beat I heard this year. maybe last year too. wow.

  • The original lucci

    This clown should be on abovetopsecretdotcom instead of rap radar!! Like gunplays foolishness was being reported on there for the shootings in conn

  • Badboy

    Gonna be a hard album!

  • ironic

    parts of the delivery sounded like Rakim (minus the complex rhymed syllables) and I like it. Having said that, I’d love to hear Ra give this beat hell…Loving the music

  • Muschna

    Oh yes. Finally… What the game been missing.
    Crazy beat and that P flow.

  • Royalty of this shyt!


  • Mobbbbb

    P alc classic shit

  • 187

    Craycray son.

  • Bronxxxx

    Heat. My nilla prodigy..!!!!!!
    Bronx up in this

  • 604capo

    HJOOD- dumbass obv aint a prodigy fan if u read his book n have listened 2 any of his songs since the early 90’s u would know he’s against that shit check “who shot ya” goofboy

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