New Music: Tyga Ft. Wiz Khalifa x Mally Mal “Molly”

As the infatuation with Molly continues, Tyga pops one of ’em on his latest single featuring Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mal. Hotel California checks in March 26.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Dear rappers: You take Molly we GET IT………MOVE ON. smh

  • Your Father

    Mally Mal??? Just disrespectful.
    Wonder what Marley Marl would think.

  • Johnny Ryall

    Pop ollies, not mollies. Just popped an ollie, I’m sk8in.

  • Dashing

    infactuation?? Big Homie, I think you mean infatuation.

  • Dito


  • Cruel Thing

    Niggas be like “Pop the molly I’m sweatin’, woo!”

  • priime dawg

    why are rappers so generic

  • superlabel

    beat sounds really similar to ‘love dem strippers’

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Big Homie


    ……..YOU’RE WELCOME!!!! HA!!!!


  • Rude – Boy


    The names of the victims inside the Rolls weren’t being released because they’re in fear for their lives, police said. Witnesses said rapper Rick Ross was inside the Rolls.

  • Please stop promoting yoursellike this to the world and this nonsense to your people and youth. Damn.

  • Trillionaire

    Tyga get wacker and wacker by the song

  • markcrunk

    what is up with the rap generation, promoting MOLLY and PILLS in songs,
    surely they got something better to say!

  • ronnie coleman

    everything about this is beyond terrible. i am at a loss for words. this nigga just had his baby daughter born, and he comes out with this trash?

  • wizsucks

    rap niggas are so corny

  • It’s the roc

    Tyga, please stop.

    Signed, Potential fan if there were no other rappers

  • Tyga performed this last week at a concert I went to. I was thinking Wtf is this?? Haha

  • Kemosabi

    This generation of “artists” are sellouts! Anthems about that poison in your own community.

  • koO

    FUCK the rappers endorsing this shit. SMH @ these faggots for increasing drug abuse while at the same time making a profit off it.

  • bold

    what the fuck was that last verse? is that the sound of pissing your life away with drugs?

  • Two Ls

    Damn like wtf is with producers always using the same sounds? The main sound is literally stock from gladiator and its been used soooooo many times. Anybody remember cabin fever? lol

  • ck

    fuck off with this molly shit. trust tyga to release a song called molly. its called mandy anyway

  • lax

    Tyga is a YG swagger jacker. the entire west know this

  • G

    TERRIBLE, beat sounds like it was made for 2 chainz, tygas other song “Dope’ is better than this

  • M.T

    da fuck….

  • Beaming

    TF they talking about… Molly is a chick drug! If you poppin molly and u a dude you are SUSPECT. This is exactly the type of song I would expect Tyga an Wiz to make… Why?… Because they’re suspect!!! SMH at least frank ocean can admit it unlike these two hiding in the closet… Smfh

  • ser

    this count as the 20th song named originality .


    damn..i was just listening to 2pac pain and good die young then heard this fucking abomination like cant help but get angry why these fuckin fruits deserve money n fame

  • The original lucci

    Niggas turn into baby homos too get that dough damn. I can see being professional at event that u got paid to perform at but your home base website youmgmoneyhqdotcom braving about the shit. I see why drake is trying to get out of his contract. Stunna and jr is all about that mula!!