• wdd


  • Me

    Definitely what the games been missing #FlyuporgetFlownoverSwaguporgetSwagedonBossuporgetBossedaround

  • wickwickwack

    so juelz is really back …i thought he was bullshitting again ! Great

    But i still dont get future …what the hell is he doing,i miss t-pain when i hear him

  • Catch up niggas

    Flyer than an ostrich.

  • caliking

    juelz is fire.. future.. is so fuckin.. WACK

  • The original lucci

    What them corny ny suckas b sayin ” stop it 5″ this shit ain’t that wave!! I

  • sam


  • Rude – Boy

    this aint the juelz i grew up listening to sad to see him doing this shit


    hes adapting to the game now, coming back nice

  • YaBoY

    No one cares

  • fh

    juelz it’s over


    Good Stuff

  • 85

    yeah boy .. you should post more shit like this u suckas.

  • not

    juelz made a respectable comeback imo with god will’n, he adapted to the game, respect his comeback i feel shit will be epic for his album