New Video: Juicy J “She Dancin”

“I love these white girls, but I’m not an Uncle Tom.”

Harriet Beecher Stowe would be proud. Ha! Surrounded by a mound of snow bunnies, Juicy J keeps the dance floor poppin’ in his new video. The song’s lifted from his Blue Dream & Lean mixtape which you can download here.

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    Juicy you so old to be dressing like flavor flav…shit FLAVOR FLAV is too old to be dressing like flavor flav

  • abc

    love the song but the video is trash

    tyler the creator was right

  • Play player

    Weak video, dope song.. he shoulda shoot the video in the club on the dancefloor.



  • !aye

    Proud niggas stay with these white girl…coons

  • billions

    Juicy J has more buzz than Wiz did with ONIFC

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    Luv the soNg But Not tHa viDeO

  • floridaboy

    mixtape was a classic

  • slick dick

    song sucks. video sucks. juicy j trying to ride off that bands song. and it isnt working… give it up juicy j, and go to rehab for those xanax.

  • The original lucci

    Get that dough my nig every dog has its day, u that dog right now!!!

  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    This shit was awesome dude. Pop a pill and paawwty..Grab a bunny and put it in her tummy.