On The Set: Frank Ocean “Forrest Gump”


Francis Ocean recently found himself in the middle of no man’s land for his next video off channel ORANGE. Before we find out where he is heading to, here’s a few photos from the shoot.





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  • 50 cent

    these comments should be funny

  • Safe Dwade

    Cuz ima wear the yellow tux to the grammies and rock out wit my cock out

  • Love/Hate

    I listen to every song on “Channel Orange “, except this one.

    Too awkward.

  • leti

    this dude is the man. no matter his sexual orientation and all that shit he does in his bed room. his art is phenomenal.

  • Donn

    One of my favorite joints on the album

  • WestCoast

    gay ass nigga

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    That second pic will create some funny comments

  • Tevin Campbell

    “No Mans Land” I See What You Did Here

  • Genesis

    Frank is dope as fuck but I’m with Love/Hate….. This song is not on the Ipod…… at all…….

  • Tiiz

    The one song on the album about bangin dudes is getting a video.

  • abc

    best song on the album i just edit any male preferences when i sing along booboo

    anyways though!

    if you ever searched “anal” ever, in life, you’re probably a closet fag too

  • Evil

    His head is too big for his body.

  • Cemal

    This isn’t the only gay song on the album… ‘thinkin bout you’ came out before he came out the closet but if you listen now you tell me what that ‘brand new feel’ is… But this is a dope ass song. I’m straight but don’t even edit the lyrics, it’s dope and art

  • ??

    That is a really good song. Just wished he made it for a chick. But he didn’t. Wonder if Nabil is directing this project.

  • watdeywant

    B HAYES THE PIMP. i mean it started awkward lik bad religion .. now dis song kinda smart. idk wy he had to make dis vid doe

  • the brain trust

    l find it odd when people say they need to edit out some of the ‘homosexually tinged’ lyrics.

    Nigga, are you gay? No
    Is the song dope? Yes

    So what exactly are you worried about? Fuck calling anything ‘pause worthy’.

    You know who you are & what your sexual preference is so keep it moving.

  • M.T

    nicee. this was such a good song. glad hes shooting a video for it.

  • jobie

    Thought this was rap radar not gaydar

    hahahaha sorry had to say it.

  • Yeezus Christ

    what a faggot his music puts me to sleep

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  • 200mph


  • z7ra_Vv

    Why just why?! I was excited when Pyramids came out but this song choice for a video is HORRIBLE. Any other song would have been perfect…

  • ~”*!D!rE*D!aY!*”~

    This nigga is gayer then my reply name

  • dll32

    Chris should have punched him harder. #Beatdatpussyup

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  • The original lucci

    Why that telephone pole look like they got it going up is ass, this niggas a real fag boy fareel

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  • Lu

    He might be talented and all but the truth is I am old school…. Deep South! we don’t take too kindly to their kind.

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