Detroit Rubber Premiere (Ep. 1)

Welcome to Burn Rubber. Located in the heart of Detroit, the sneaker boutique houses some of the latest and most exclusive kicks in the game. So when Detroit Tigers’ Prince Fielder requests the Encore Air Jordan 4’s, owners Rick Williams and Ro Colt are sent on a wild goose chase. Check out the first episode above.

Rick Williams and Roland “Ro” Coit are the pre-eminent sneaker heads in Detroit and owners of the premier sneaker shop in the area, Burn Rubber. Since they took over the store in 2007, Rick and Ro face challenges every day as they grow Burn Rubber into a worldwide lifestyle brand, but nothing compares to their ambitions today:

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  • Chris

    Is this a sponsored post or something?

  • Acapella

    @B. Dot

    Damn, since when did Prince Fielder play 4 tha Lions??? I always thought it was tha Tigers. Who knew…

    • B.Dot

      HA! He’s Bo Jackson!

  • zeee

    em in the firs show, how they gonna top that? so the show is finished then. they better get jay-z and obama in the next couple episodes or im done watching 🙂

  • LoverofHipHop

    Dope show. So just one observation, since I’ve never noticed it before…that bright yellow box around this post must mean that it was sanctioned from on high (i.e. bossman rosenberg) huh?

    No hate, he co-owns it so it’s only right, just making an observation though.

  • Love/Hate

    You a faggot if you only watched the show to see Eminem.

  • dmc

    Pretty good for 12 mins

  • hands

    reality shows are so fake

  • zeee

    comprehension is not one of @love/hate strong points

  • PistolPistol

    I’ll support it… See where it goes ?

  • Evil

    Dope.Will follow this

  • Dito

    SO does burn rubber get anything outta this deal? If Em “gave” him the shoes, there is no commission for the retailers?

  • Dope episode!

  • How Wonderful…

    The sneaker game is dead and has been dead for a while now. Its nothing but a bunch of people willing to overpay for a pair of sneakers. Its amazing how much people will pay for a pair of kicks on a resale. Jordans selling out in two hours and then being resold a day later for $350 and dudes are buying them? Get outta here, that shit is certified stupidity…I cut my slavery ties to the sneaker industry.

  • zeee

    @dito thats the same thing i was thinking.

  • dafyysci

    Why is this shit on every page

  • jjj

    @Dito…Detroit is slowly dying and Em is tryina keep it on the map by promoting the place, same reason he did the commercial for Chrysler and it helped them a little bit.

  • alex

    this looks like advertising masquerading as blogging/journalism. if so, it’s a harmless but no less obvious compromise of integrity and RR should respect its readers more than to post this stuff. everyone understands that drawing income from non-subscription blogs is difficult, but it’s still disappointing to see DJ Khaled selling McDonalds at okayplayer – or sell-out stuff like this on RR. ultimately, I see this story and it makes me think “if RR blog posts are for sale just like the banners and wallpaper of the site, then are its writers’ opinions for sale, as well?” Not the end of the world – just disappointing to see one of my favorite, most visited sites make a clumsy mistake. Or maybe this is just a lazy post and nothing shady is going on.

  • Judge Dredd

    Eat a dick alex… ya bish. It’ll shut you the fuck up at least for a moment.

  • donniebrasko

    Let me get this straight:
    2 guys sit in a shoe shop, mlb star comes in, asks for a limited edition eminem encore kicks, the shows producer happens to be eminems manager and has a pair of size 13’s at home, he hooks them up, by giving the shoe to eminem, the shop owners ask the customer to follow them to go pick them up, he has 2 signed baseball bats on him, that he carries everyday everywhere and then gives it to eminem and eminem gives him the shoes, i mean i didn’t even see the shop owners get paid. Oh somewhere in between all this, they talk, attempt to be funny and also meet a guy at some point in an alley or street corner for God knows what. Hopefully i haven’t missed much, but in my eric cartman voice: SERIOUSLY GUYS???

  • JustMyOpinion

    Honest opinion: this “show” was TERRIBLE. It could’ve been 4 1/2 mins long and that’s pushing it. There was NO point to the show.

  • dafyysci

    even though its on every page I’m still hitting that play button.

  • George

    I know reality shows are fake, but this whole thing was scripted. Prince Fielder walks in and just happens to want a very rare shoe that the executive producer of the show just happens to have a pair of, (right size and everything), they make it seem like they are up against a deadline, which they are not. Then Eminem comes in to save the day. The same Eminem who tweeted to watch his new show, Detroit Rubber.
    Maybe they just had all that star power and made up situation to build buzz and the rest of the shows will be the real everyday workings of Detroit Rubber, this however, was more scripted than Rick Ross’s assassination attempt.

  • Show doesn’t seem pre-scripted & pushed by P a u l R o s e n b e r g at all


    Just like MMG being featured heavy on here is just a coincidence


    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Got a bridge to you sell in Brooklyn

  • HK

    Cool Show. BR designs some dope collabs. Good to see the folks behind the brand.