New Video: Talib Kweli “Upper Echelon”

Talib goes 3D on the small screen with his new feature presentation. Although a Black Star reunion hasn’t happened yet, you’ll spot Yasiin Bey in the

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  • song would be hott if the visuals where too… Somtimes its better to not have a video than shat on screen… just sayin

  • Your Father

    Man, Talib what is this?
    Constantly complain about the state of Hip-Hop today but the lyricists have got poor song making abilities and everything they spit on sounds like a $5 beat.
    You can’t go from The Blast to this.
    Do better.

  • zeee

    @ your father <— what he said

  • chillthrill

    yo that nigga look like a black quagmire!!,L7 jaw ass nigga…,hahahaaaaa!! word up,,,song is ok

  • KingTut

    Who else thinks if Kanye or Jay Z did the exact same record it’ll be all over the place?

  • it’s the roc

    This is fire, $5 beat? This could have fit right in on watch the throne production wise.

  • NenzelWashington

    It seems like every year or two Kwe is talking about how laughable rap has been for the last year or two… And how his paper may surprise us. But no need to brag about it. Tired of the repetitiveness and the contradictions. Do better is right.

  • brza

    He’s starting to look like Rev Run.