New Video: Trinidad James x Forte Bowie “$outh$ide”

As the chicks throw on the fighting gloves, Trinidad James gathers the entire hood out for his brand new video. Directed by Decatur Dan and off his

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  • Racked Up Shawty

    this is my 2nd favorite track on the tape. props to Decatur Dan on the visuals. By the way…idk who Forte Bowie is but his verse>>>>>>>>>>> Jame$ verse.

  • dmc

    I always imagine these guys talkin and walkin around the streets like they do in their videos.

  • Los

    let me find out Rap Radar is posting shit like this and not that new Astro track “He Fell Off”

    this site is guilty for perpetuating the shittiest mainstream music out there

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic


  • ciph4

    Forte Bowie’s track Check is dope.

  • County Of Kings

    i watched that whole shit just to see the chick in the leopard u commented about. its so many bitches in leopard tho i’m staring madd hard trying to get a glimpse. then i finally made it to the end and was rewarded.

  • The Goatherder

    Hahahahahahah @ County Of Kings “its so many bitches in leopard tho i

  • rahrahrah

    I don’t believe the money these rappers say they’re getting.

    But I do believe the type of dog food they’re feeding us. And ‘m not singling out James.

    This music just can’t be performed late into your career. You can’t have a NaS, Mos Def, GZA type career, when this is what you are standing on. You’re just trying to live high on the hog for a bit, and fuck some bad bitches. Or turn this into another hustle.

    Even someone like 50 who sold all those records and has all the money in the world supposedly can’t live off of his music. Because it’s POP, nobody wants to hear old POP music. People will always want to hear good music.

    It’s a shame all of these “artists” and “musicians” defecating on our culture to get a quick check.

  • sinofmidmobb

    I gotta give it to him… the nigga is coming with a different sound… Can’t rap worth shit but his delivery & presence is on point. Not bad for a nigga who only been rapping 8-10 months…

  • Me


  • IBeKnowing

    when this sight ganna start posting music like this

  • Based Based Barea

    No dice LMAO,This nigga is already finished

  • Shyne

    By Trinidad James standards he absolutely killed it. He switched up his flow on this song and I’m impressed that he’s making an effort to become a better rapper. Good Job Trinidad James

  • superdope. Trinidad can’t go wrong.

  • the ripper

    What the fudge is the shit… Hot garbage!!! I cannot believe BigBoi made a cameo. U see BigBoi that’s why Andre don’t fuck with u no more… lol

  • the One

    @ Los

    100 percent right!

  • Del

    As far as this guy goes, this wasn’t bad… kinda liked it

  • veesky

    I can’t even front, lyrically…Trinidad James is unimpressive, his lack of experience shows but I think he catches attention with his quotables and production. The beat made the song for me

  • Now, where is that Jerome lawsuit?!

  • dgutta

    Can someone please warn this dude to be on the look out for Martin Lawence. He said to tell’em now that he got that big check from Def Jam it’s time to play the pipper. He own Romie Romie a check & Romie don’t play that~~~

  • brza

    Wow. If you say so?

  • Chan

    I hate when people get on here and hate on rap radar or b dot or yn. If you don’t like rap radar find a different site Rap radar is the best site for rap music IMO. If you know a better site please do tell.

  • Rhino

    I FUKKS WITH THIS….Trinidad building a case against his critics. I’m gone knock this especially since I stay on da SOUTHSIDE. 100