Gucci Mane Speaks At Career Day

gucci mane teacher

God bless the kids. Gucci Mane is participating in Career Day at the Crawford Long Middle School in Atlanta and just posted pics via Twitter. The kid’s backpack says it all folks. Burr!

gucci mane teacher2

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  • Devante

    So many things wrong with this post..

  • DK


    I don’t even know where to start here.

  • Love/Hate


  • DK

    Anyone else find it ironic that the words “well-written piece” are on the board behind Gucci in the second shot? Maybe the kids were trying to teach him how to write… Or read…

  • Maize

    april fools day came early

  • flo

    hating ass niggas

  • ness

    maybe the kids can teach gucci how to read what in the fuck is this ignorant waste of life speaking to kids fuck get common, mos def the list goes on shit.

  • DK

    I mean, at least he’s wearing a shirt for this… That’s always a plus.

  • Balla

    Lmao this is a joke right?

  • @BlueScalise

    That nigga need to be talking at Weight Watchers. Dam Gucci.
    I hope he was talking about Trap Work to the little kids. This shit is hilarious.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I guess Aaron Rodgers couldnt make over there today? Discount Double Check.

  • G SLIM


  • wickwickwack

    he should sit down with the kids and maybe learn something …but on a serious note,i wouldnt want my kids around this guy

  • t

    Cmon ya’ll…. It’s always for publicity, but you can’t hate 100% on somebody taking the time to speak to kids. One of the biggest problems in this world is that the youth aren’t being guided.

    Gucci ain’t no dummy. I’m not even a fan of his music, but the dude made it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The kids are thinking: He a man why is carrying a baby?

  • Stone

    Except for the stomach I have no beef with this…

  • DisgruntledHipHopStan

    Gucci mane was a A student in school and is a smart business man say what u want bout his ignorant raps but u don’t make it out without alot of luck and a little bit of smarts

  • @BlueScalise

    Them kids know who Gucci is. They also know what he represents and its not a good look. IDK what kind of student you were, didn’t this nigga throw a female out of a moving car? foh..

  • mac DIESEL

    So many things wrong with this post..



    I don

  • Donn

    Good shit, no hate, I’d listen to a millionaire

  • WestCoast

    gucci ice cream face **dead**

  • Black Shady

    This nigga is a killer tho………and most of these kids know it


    This Is Why Parents Should Be The Coolest to Their Kids not They Friend But Cool Enough To Talk about Anything I Wish My Parents Were Cooler Than The Rappers I Like To Listen To

  • fh

    this have to be a early april fools joke right

  • DJ Game


  • Pissed

    Thats cool but I don’t know how seriously I could take a dude with ice cream tattooed on his face…THAT alone was a bad choice, career or otherwise.

  • rahrahrah

    I got love for anyone trying to do something positive. It would be interesting talking to my kid after he came home from that class.

    Son: Gucci Man came and talked to us today!
    Father:…Excuse me?
    Son: Gucci Man..
    Father: Well that’s nice…errrr…what did he talk to you about?
    Son: You know, how to be a successful businessman, marketing, managing a group of strong minded individuals, the importance of education…
    Father: Whew..that’s great son.


    this fool must be pregnant


    hmm what rapper should we get to come in and teach the kids…nas? nope krs one? nahhh jay z? no way gucci maine yeah!

  • Nathaniel

    the nigga is a millionaire and a multi-business owner with multiple employees.

    and he’s been making good, legit, money, for about a decade.

    obviously there is much substance he could share with the children that they could benefit from, because they don’t have the veil of arrogance over their eyes.

    even with a body, a face tat, jail time, and baby in the belly. any politician that could come to a class has done far more evil, and probably don’t have any entrepreneurial expertise. a thing that children must have, growing up in 2013.

  • DoLo

    It’s not Gucci we should be mad at, if anything he should be commended for taking away time from his cocaine use and weight gaining to come and mumble to the children. The person at fault here is the principal that approved this shyt. All of the B-list entertainers, rappers, and reality stars in ATL and the best one u could find to come enlighten the kids is Gucci???

  • DK

    “I’m twelve months pregnant and I still don’t care. Burr! Burr!” -Gucci Mane (‘Short Bus Shawty’)

  • ODC

    Shame on that school, and the staff.

    That’s my word I’d pull my kid out of this school for good after seeing this as it shows their values.

  • onenutned

    I’m sorry I don’t want my kids listening to a coke sniffing, woman abusing, mysoginist with no other skill then posioning the community with his shitty raps and his product. You genius’s seem to forget once you’ve established yourself as an artist it’s not necessarily you that makes the decisions; it’s your team. Every business venture Gucci entered into was not thought of, written up by or figured out by Gucci rather his legal team. Most niggas is figure heads with money and no business sense at all.


    @dk women dont stay pregnant for 12 months son

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Lesson 1: Get Money
    Lesson 2: Fuck Bitches

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    “I eat the red crayons cuz the red ones taste the best”

  • hitsquad

    blacks aint shit but crabs in a bucket..niggas will continue to bring down one another no matter what they are doing. weather it

  • hitsquad

    and for you niggas worrying about this GROWN ASS MAN stomach or weight, yall some suspect ass niggas. all this nigga need to do is make good trap music and make money..i guess if he was in the gym and gettin in shape you fagasses probably lick yall lips and “say he has a ll cool j body” or “ill have a scoop of whatever ice cream he having”..yall niggas concerned about the wrong shit

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    ^ chill out nigga it’s just jokes

  • Is this April Fool’s, early as shit, for a whole fucking week?

  • $ir$tank

    It’s crazy how we so quick to judge someone no matter who they are,are what they do in life when they try to take a step in doing something positive,but i bet 90% of you haters don’t take time out to teach our kids~GROW UP~

  • @BlueScalise

    We just joking on his gut, you have to admit that shit is poking out like a bitch 6 months. On the real though, No convicted Felon is suppose to be around kids…period. This nigga is a mutli-time felon for all kinds of shit. Thats the story here. I’m not hating on him getting money or having good business sense. that’s love right there. Where I show no love is him talking to kids, he is crazy.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    1017 brick squad reporting in to class today

  • ZZZZzzzZZZzz


  • @BlueScalise

    ZZZZzzZZZzz: You sound like you were taught by Gucci, Fuck you talking bout Boss??

  • ZZZZzzzZZZzz


  • DK

    THE MAJESTIC NIGLET: “women dont stay pregnant for 12 months son”

    ^ Gucci’s not a woman. He’s like the thing from ‘Alien’ and eventually, a slimy, snake-like creature that suspiciously has a head identical to Waka Flocka will come bursting out of his stomach, speaking in tongues and whatnot.

    It’s gonna be a huge mess to clean up after it happens. Those kids would have been traumatized if it happened during career day.

  • Splash

    There goes Gucci teaching the kids wrong to wronger.

  • Jerzzz

    Epic Fail on behalf of whatever dumbass teacher thought this was a good idea

  • Hahaha ha

    Man, he went to Uni in case y’all didn’t know. Are all of you who are hatin’ goin to Uni?Ehhhhhh .. . . . . . . naaaoooooo

  • .

    Pic 1

    Gucci : “So whether it’s an ice cream cone or a unicorn or even a firetruck tattoo artists can pretty much ink anything on your face no problem just remember get high before any important life decision.”

    Pic 2

    Gucci : “Goddammnnn what deez kids studying? Seem like some rocket science futuristic alien isht school done got harder…”

    Teacher : “And that’s how you multiply kids!”

  • chillthrill

    the thing is is more than have those kids will not be successful musicians,,,,the odds are slim,,,he’s that odd that got through at least business wise,,,if he speaks some business licks then thats good thats good,,,they just have to get it on a repetitive basis,,,then we rollin

  • Chan

    Fuck the haters gucci is a southern rp god. Gucci is th realist rapper living. I absolutely love gucci.

  • ss

    this is fucking hilarious .. man i cant stop laughing .. i bet one of those kids beat him at his own preschool raps


    he must be finishing up his community service. seriously they couldnt get T.I. tho?


    lmao go guccie i wonder wat the kids are thinkin lol

  • floridaboy

    looks like uncle elroy from next friday lmaoo

  • EgypCHIN

    DK, silly af.

  • mrholloway

    wow look at all these broke niggas hating.

  • Shoutout To La Flare, You Came From Nothing To Something ,And The Kids Need To Know They Can Do It Too,,, BURR – @FAZILLION

  • bigjhezho

    all you people making fun is the dumb ones that only know about gucci mane rappin.. gucci mane graduated and went 2 university dnt get fooled by rappers rapps.. who thought 2chainz graduated with 4.0 smh

  • Truth

    @mrholloway Ya’ll Americans base importance with money for everything. Everything bruh??? That’s why most black ppl here actually aren’t shit. You struggle to get money…then struggle to prove to everyone daily that you have money.

    @bigjhezho Gucci does not have a college degree. Please cite your sources. Wikepedia ass nigguh.

  • Tebron

    Y’all do know Gucci graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA right

  • Mike

    Y’all ain’t nothin but some fuckin haters how sad like when he doin something that is right and positive y’all still hate on this man get a life real talk plus it’s 2013 y’all niggas still hatin

  • Gucci Mnae

    Fuck you niggas, you know the camera adds ten or twenty pounds!!

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