• Your Father

    Saying retaliates back is redundant.
    Re implies something is happening again or in return.
    Come on now.

  • It’s the roc

    “How you tryin to be prince in the queen bee minks” lol

  • Joe lake

    thats the way love goes

  • Beezy

    Imperial lyrical miracle stereo cereal…

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    please proofread

  • rahrahrah

    How come no one ever says “takeover” this nigga…it’s always “ether” this nigga? Nas!

  • Devante

    Dude wordplay is whack never liked him..
    All I heard was “Lyrical, miracle, spiritual, individual criminal Subliminal, in your swimming pool”.

  • Kza

    Lil B is bad for the culture

  • Beaming

    Joey first mistake was responding smh lil b is entertainment he ain’t even worth a verse

  • bX

    This nigga said he was gonna get dmx game joe and the nigga that k/O to rec it lol


    Joey why!!? Lil b is just a bad joke, why u respond?smh

  • Carlito R

    Yo Joey didn’t you see all the sarcastic comments that was posted under Lil B’s song? You wasted your time going after that wack fool. All the sarcastic comments had already buried him! Just go back to sleep.

  • Swag like Ohio

    Lil B DEFINITELY won Round 1

  • MMG


  • old niggas leave funny comments

    Lil B song/diss is really better than this no bullshit. This is actually a horrible. No entertainment value at all. Come on young’n.

  • Darrius

    All of y’all are stupid they both probably on the phone laughin bout this shit. Y’all new hiphop fans are so gullible it’s a shame. Bet y’all believe Rick Ross almost got assassinated too loll

  • onenutned

    niggas need to know hot to compose a diss, this is just random talk but no darts, no punch, no notable moments in it at all. research the Bridge is over, Ether, Who Shot ya, Dolemite then go in.

  • straightupspoon

    lil b worst rapper in the game, what is he actually doing trying to diss joey, and then stupid ymcmb niggas saying joey dont has a career hahaha shut up tinny shirt ass niggas

  • REM

    don’t like either of these niggas but Lil B GOT THIS ONE SORRY BADASS

  • 17sosa

    Yo Joey, this was weak.. I was expecting way more.smh

  • This shit is wack and sound quality is on lil b level wtf.

  • Zap

    Lil B won this with 2 lines. RIP Joey.

  • Lethargic1

    Joey lost bc he didn’t say a damn thing. Just a bunch of random multis.

  • Royaltyofthisshyt!

    I like the fact that he used this beat ..that shows versatility even he didnt comeback as hard…its still dope

  • And it make no sense to diss you, so I diss you – Lil B , Joey Badass Diss…. This Line Actually Wraps It Up, Joey Just Messed Up..Long Live Based God

  • vincent

    this was godawful

    if you cant enjoy lil b you’re a horrible person

  • Dlove

    Haha joey didn’t kill this busy lil b shit was wack. Pro era

  • Chronic

    It’s really nothing too crazy…yet still better than 80% of the bullshit made nowadays.

  • Why are we entertaining this horrible ass beef. Both verses were wack and left me confused. Joey taught me he knows how to rhyme words together without saying shit and Lil B is a sorry ass publicity stunt. This gets no more of my attention. Id rather go back to the Chris Brown v Frank Ocean situation…LOL!

  • Elitesmoove

    @Chronic Co-sign!



    how he gonna make a diss track over a Janet Jackson sample? this shit was weak as fuck


  • pentopaper

    whack! he’s always been wack niggas just wanna ride someone’s dick. catfish lookin boy

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    This is wack as fuck lol

  • Showboat


    Brother what song were you listening to? his first 50 seconds were more lyrical than ANYTHING Lil B said in his Diss.

    “I got an issue with this Lil Bitch Shih-Tzu (Lil B)/I’m a pitbull//Throw lyrical missiles/that won’t miss you//Rip open ya tissue/that make ya taskforce miss you//made no sense to diss you/So I dissed you”

    —BARS over everything

  • prai$e

    joey was off beat most of the time on this song with his played out 1992 flow.

  • CJ

    LMAO. These fools really think Lil B killed Joey…… hahahahahahahahahahaha. They got it twisted

  • 3000


    Lil B can’t lose in rap beef, what can you say? He’s said way more out there things than anyone can say about him. Joey it’s 2013, you were born in 97 stop trying to revive an era you weren’t apart of or didn’t grow up listening to sheeesh.

  • The original lucci

    *backpack back*

  • A Real Listener

    @3000 nigga is 18

    Then people saying “RIP” noones career ever ended with a diss they are still going to make music whether you like it are not.

    I prefer Joey others like Lil B.

    Apples and oranges

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