• Boom

    If the original Xscape could squash their dislike for one another?!?!? That would be an EPIC reunion, instead of just TWO members.

  • bigseanny

    So So Def does earn a place in rap history.Kriss Koss was the rap group that put So So Def on the map with (Jump)Then Bow Wow,Da Brat.

  • Ran

    This shut goin be epic! I been in Atlanta 5 years & jermaine dupri been had his dues paid man #respect

  • Youknowiknow

    Um, who cares?

  • rickloss

    wait, if Kris Kross Made “Jump”, then what is this shit? lol –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HVajd2c-DA

  • chan

    what new artist does so so def have

  • dgutta

    Bunch of has beens!
    This must be a free show!
    Who’s gonna pay to see this?
    This show is gonna be Wiggitty, Wiggity, Wiggity Wackkkkk! LOL.
    SoSo Def’s time has come and gone! Nobody wanna see these OLD ASS artist! Why won’t you let dying soles rest… Damn JD
    Good luck & Happy Anniversary

  • Black Shady

    LMAO they had their moment true…..

    but aint nobody tryna see a sosodef concert in 2013

  • Stone

    Damm shame what Dr Dre did to dupri, s career…

  • Dubayu2

    Will niggas really wanna see chief keef in 20 yrs? How about 2 chainz or french montana? Thats not a diss to them folk but you gotta look at what these past artist on so so def actually acomplished. Minus bone crusher and j kwon. They made history and hits. Of course they aint hot in 2013 niggas is old but still respect what they did for music. thats all its about.

  • poetic assasin

    people dont say- oh Garth Brooks his time has gone, or Shania Twain, New Edition, Marc Anthony etc etc — only in hip hop do we shit on our artists. Jermaine Dupri made hits – consistently too. poeti

  • acidrap

    celebratin a weak ass label with washed up rapppers.Jd needs to kill hisself.all he did was come in the game and steal other niggas sounds.is that clown even around still?

  • ManFrizzle

    Looks like a list of old artists who can’t get paid anymore…because that’s the only reason reunion shows happen, period.

  • SMarie L

    First of all I know once I post this many of you negative people will open you mouth and comment BUT oh well. Its really a shame how people have the nerve to post ugly things. These people paved the way for others, changed lives and have the Courage to do what they do and made music that you listened to whether it is past, present or future. I can’t stand when we hate on people who are motivated to change the music industry, Hip hop, and do positive things with their lives and do positive things for others….. some of you sit here and judge them… WHY??? Who the heck are you and what have you done to pave the way for others? What trend have you started? Regardless to if they are has beens, broke, old or or their time has past in your eyes others may not feel that way. Stop judging people and keep your mouths shut! Allow people to enjoy what they want to and start being happy for people ….life is too short …. I guarantee anyone who posted negative things on this page has never seen the fame, made a difference in this industry or achieved the accolades these Talented Artist have achieved ……. Hush your faces and hold the negative comments.
    SO SO DEF do your thing. I am happy you are bringing these artist together, it truly will be a reunion for them and TRUE FANS as well.


    @ the bitch up top who said,”

  • kingriv

    Lmao @acidrap shut ya bitter ass up n keep making ya beats in detriot and thats where ur gonna stay. For you to say those artists were talentless u was out of line. Jermaine has done many classics hits and u wish u had a 1/4 of his success. You sound like another hole in the wall producer who thinks he is better than everyone out right now shut up!! …. and n go ahead n reply with ya bs its gonna fall on deaf ears just another HATER WHINING

  • SMarie L

    AMEN 🙂

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