• Wutz

    Damn mac

  • Love/Hate


    The Donald is bout his paper…

  • WTF they coming for the kid, Damn Disrespectful

  • Wutz

    Hes coming at him becuz mac talked shit about trump recently

  • Willie Hozay

    Na he gotta be joking around

  • Chronic

    you don’t have to pay money just to say someone’s name.

  • Andrew

    “ungrateful dog” ?…..if you’re gonna take the business route then keep it professional.. dick

  • Yup !

    Wayne Got A Song Call “Bill Gates”….You Don’t See Bill Gates Asking For Any Royalties…..

  • Despite

    Don’t go after the kid, man.

  • Fernando

    Cash can’t buy class. Donald trump is tacky

  • Kilt

    This white on white violence has gotta stop!

  • Donn

    Yea Bill Gates ain’t asking Wayne for royalties

  • Gaz

    How the fuck can you sue! Your owed money for someone speaking your name? You think people bought that track because of you, what an old out of touch cracker

  • Word

    Guarantee if it was a black dude he called an “ungrateful dog”, there’d be a lot more outrage in these here comments. But its just two white dudes going at it so its cool.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Hair club for men calls out Donald Trump.

  • Evil

    Go Trump.Get that money.
    Mac cant fuck around and not pay people,what the fuck? He needs to pay up.

  • Trump is a media Ho.

  • reallydoe

    Wow trumps a fuckin douche…. RIP mac tho… sry can’t but once the MULTI-billionaires have it out for u ur pretty much fucked weather ur in the right or wrong…MONEY make the world go round. RIP mac miller. Fuck donald trump doe!

  • Keyf

    if we dont know you you pay tax

  • 3chainz

    things goin bad for white rappers except macklemore, this, and the rumor of yelawolf leavin shady records, bad days…

  • you do have to pay its copyrights trump is patented… mac miller eehhhhh.

  • Judge Dredd

    Whether this is a hoax, we will have to wait and see. But reading through these comments, wow the majority of you must be the stupidest people on the planet..

    Why won’t Trump sue?….. He’s spent his career making a brand of that name Donald Trump, so in reality it’s part of his intangible assets. He can sue you for misrepresenting or using the name for a commercial gain. Mac Miller needs to surround himself with a competent legal team or the young jew will go broke before year end.

    Such poor business practices for the young rapper… Diamond D and now Donald Trump, who’s next Donald Duck?

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    wow this guy donald trump is tryna come off as a real piece of shit or something isnt he

  • Anon DCPL

    Damn son. This muthafucka gon’ have the best jewish lawyers money can buy.

    Big bank take lil’ bank.

  • Judge Dredd

    I meant Lord Finesse not Diamond D…. my bad.

  • Black Shady

    LOL this gotta be a joke


    this fuckin cunt muffin needs to take his swerve hair and sit his greedy ass down if i was mac id run up in the trump buildin fuckin drop my pants and take a big steamy shit on that fools table

  • Mr Heat

    Oh shit like this makes you feel ashamed for being white. That Donald asslicking cockblowing mutherfucker. Guess that’s how the fucking filthy get and stay rich.

  • mac DIESEL

    You ungrateful dog!




  • Devante

    Wait he praised him when the song first dropped and what does Trump have to gain from this?


    Fuck Donald Trump and anybody that love em

  • DrunkUnkle

    Kinda smart actually, praise the song when it comes out to increase sales than when it sales a certain amount of copies, sue the brakes off the man. I like it

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Wasn’t Trump praising Mac Miller, calling him the next Eminem and shit? Why didn’t he try to come at him when that song first took off? What a fuckin joke, this guy really can’t get enough attention..

  • onanigga

    Ha! Get that little jew cracker, he wack B.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    This niggas a douche.

    But …”You ungrateful dog!” is the hardest tweet of 2013

  • Mr Heat

    Let’s all hope Trump goes broke again and has to sell his ass to put food in his filthy mouth. Hope his first “client” hits him and says “you ungrateful dog!” lol

  • diamonds on my blocka

    wonder what mac gonna havta pay

  • Blackjew
  • The original lucci


  • Evil

    So what if Donald trump praised the song when it came out? Mac still has not paid for the right to use his name.
    Miller thinks he can just call a song Donald Trump without paying for it? If he did he must be a fool.

    The song would never have been that big and gotten all that attention if it was called something else.He used Donalds name to get a hit and he needs to pay for it.
    Simple as.

  • Lost Soul

    The Game’s career would be over if he had something like this happen to him.

  • Jiggy SasQuach

    Y’all niggaz should have known better after Rosa parks sued outkast.

  • chillthrill

    @lost soul word up hahhaaaaaa!!!!!

  • That Guy


    “Guarantee if it was a black dude he called an

  • Beaming

    Niggas need to be shoring at Donald not Ross this guys affixing chump

  • Cruel Thing

    Ha! What does Donald have to gain from this? MONEY. Pretty simple for you dumb fucks asking

  • GRAMZ Kash

    Really Donald smh . This nigga a asshole

  • Converse

    Marketing genius I tell you! Whack Miller is garbage and its still fuck Donald Trump

  • I’m not a fan of Trump or Mac, but if Trump is gonna get that Miller bread for using his name as a song title and chorus then how the hell is the Real Ricky Ross not winning his legal battle against William Roberts for stealing his name and impersonating/reappropriating his life for far greater gain than some Youtube hits?


  • Mac can’t catch a break #cotdamn. Might need to sign with a major label before his buzz and pockets dry up

  • ryuk

    Lols @reallydoe actually thinking that Trump is worth a billi.

  • bullfrog24

    Why mac getting singled out, theres plenty of people that should be gettin sued.

    Joe budden just came out with a “NBA” song as a single, and using their “likeness” to help sell it.

    America is full of sue-happy assholes.

  • Sil

    Donald needs to leave Mac alone and come shut down his hotel here in Toronto it’s falling apart just like his fucking hair yep we hate u trump fuck u lol

  • ashamed

    Donald Trump represents everything wrong with this country.

  • 956dtown

    Fuck you Donald Trump

  • dopeaom

    This poor man… he might have the money, but he obviously can never be at peace with himself, and still runs after money thinking that’s going to make him sleep better. Stupid shit.. I’m all for having money to live properly, but just being plain greedy as this man is pathetic, it’s the worst of capitalism

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  • Word

    @That Guy

    Type louder, I don’t care enough yet. My comment is “irrelevant” than why address it? Address the relevant comments. You fell for the trap you claim I’m setting smh.

  • That Guy

    So a guy’s having a discussion with your mother and calls her a “dirty cunt.” But it’s completely irrelevant to their topic of conversation so you stay silent and don’t address it, right?

    I don’t intend to be an asshole but why say something so ignorant. Look at what the issue deals with: rapper with a hit song, greedy businessman, potential law suit. It has not one thing to do with color. You introduce a sensitive subject that can only elicit animosity. No good can come out of that.

  • Stan


  • DJ Eternity

    Fuck Donald Trump