• Love/Hate

    Dope album…

  • Steve

    Gold before “Fortune” lol. Frank wins.

  • Uh-oh

    Overrated album. Wasn’t bad, just not worth the OD rave.

  • Yup !

    It Only Sold… Because He Came Out The Closet….!


  • veesky

    Surprised it didn’t hit gold sooner

  • Safe Dwade

    Yea this nigga made Orange turn to Gold

  • ECU

    Well deserved

  • Wutz

    This sounds more beleivable that he went gold..not like ross and the weeknd when the numbers dont add up

  • G SLIM

    of coarse he went gold – – he likes men…. duh!

  • Black Chalk

    lookin forward to the grammy performance.

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit ^
    hit me up on twitter.. @dndamien

  • Black Shady

    this nigga went sparkles when he came out the closet

  • Blackjew
  • billions

    Weeknd went gold off Old mix tapes before this shit ,

  • 2 cents

    So I’m the only person who thinks “Nostalgia/Ultra” is wayyyyy better than Channel Orange? Oh well.

  • Word

    Fortune ain’t gold yet? LOL

  • R

    How to make it in the music biz today-say you’re a Fag and get beat up by Chris Brown!

  • M.T

    congrats to Frank Ocean. Amazing album.

  • Genesis

    Weekend’s album was 3 discs…… Just saying…..

  • billions


    That was old material just saying …

  • brodie

    That album sucks!!!!

  • Congrats to Frank #Respect

  • credit

    The weeknd had og stuff
    And still sold gold thats on some cleaver shit !
    Nostalgia ultra was more creatively than CO just saying..
    The weeknd does it more for me, he got catchy vocals and better beats !!

  • Genesis


    Only to internet nerds….. Just saying

  • erroljames

    Haven’t heard it. This kid is a fucking weirdo to me.

  • Elle

    Only sick women, queers, and bisexual dudes like Frank Ocean. But musically, Nostalgia, Ultra was way better than that melancholy bullshit.