Game Starts G-Unit Reunion Petition


Game’s been advocating a G-Unit reunion for years, but now, he’s decided to take it seriously with an online petition. The chances of this going down is slimmer than a chick in Calvin Klein pants, but hey, stranger things have happened. So, sign

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    The Monkey Unit fell off

  • Blackjew

    Instead of …

  • LikeJordan45

    Game is lame AS FUCK…A$AP practically outsold Jesus Piece in only 2 weeks and honestly outside of Young Buck he has the most to gain from a G-Unit reunion. Stop being an attention whore and keep other niggas names out your mouth then establish something of your own instead of riding Weezy dick and disrespecting your fiance on national TV for buzz

  • mrdanielknight

    50 isn’t going to let this happen because it’s bad business, regardless of the potential quality of music that could be released. Plus a real G Unit reunion should be 50, Banks and Buck – no one else.

  • old niggas leave funny comments

    This is hella gay of Game. Real talk tho


    Something is seriously wrong with Game. You have dissed then tried to reconcile then dissed the Unit again, and again but now want to do a G-Unit Reunion? *Nelly Voice* Hell nah, nigga you forreal though? There is one thing to have just had a falling out but to be so disrespectful, start a movement called G-Unot, etc and now years later want to do something with the “Guys” you supposedly hated. No Gracias.

  • Rude – Boy



    LOL wtfs wrong with this nigga game one minute hes bitter towards them next minute he wanna kiss n make up

  • mike

    Gggggggggggggggggeet the fuck outta here

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Big Homie




  • DK

    “I hate being bi-polar. It’s AWESOME!” -Game, probably.

  • Floyd Mayweather



  • rahrahrah

    This is good promo for 50..he should thank Game.

  • Me

    Game know what he doing, pushing the whole G-Unit name 6 more feet into the ground, Fuck 50, Fuck Yayo, Banks is kool he honestly out matured 50 & all his BS Beefs & has made great music with other artist, & who really cares about buck, not this guy, out of the whole Unit Games the only one still making musical headlines fif should just stick to vitamin water & Hollywood scripts cuz music ain’t it anymore

  • Reefer

    Game doin this cuz he’s done! His contract with Interscope has finished.. And he’s not done well commercially, his sales have gone down erry album.. Now hes lookin at 50 again.. He’s a free agent so no wonder why he’s opened an online petition.. Poor chap..

  • dgutta

    Fuck Outta Here!
    Stop trying to reignite old flames. Nobody gives a fuck about G Unit any more
    They had they time…
    Move on Game find something else to do!

  • Slick

    Petition? Get cool with 50 first

  • Your Father

    Game is only doing this because Jesus Piece was quickly forgotten.
    The only reason that thing exists is because Interscope needed to make back the money the lost on RED Album,
    Notice how most of the producers on Jesus Piece are low-budget or Cool & Dre (basically give him tracks for free).


    would be good if it happens, it would take the spotlight off these gay ass rap groups that run hip hop today, but 50 is an egotistical dude.

  • brollya

    hell naw… fuck gayme.. yea let it be a reunion but without this lame as nigga gayme……. bet if that album would of did numbers, he would of been talkin hella shit bout how much he sold and fuck g unit…. dees the type niggaz u dont fuck wit period….. he aint even g unit for real…. he was on none of the cds….

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is TOO funny. A petition?

  • Black Shady

    we’ve been waiting for it since 05… its fuckin 2013…I dont think Im looking for it anymore
    yall played the fans for so long. now they both (50 and game) flopping…so NOW we…the fans…are supposed to be ready for a reunion?

    LOL just gimme another Banks album and im straight

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Countries have gone to war with millions of causalities, sign a peace treaty and then become immediate allies. A G-Unit reunion ain’t nuthin….

  • PistolPistol

    Ahhhhhhh… No

  • Carlito R

    Question for Game. If your last album Jesus Piece (or even the R.E.D. album) had gone Platinum (or even Gold) would you still be pushing for a G Unit Reunion? I mean personally I would love to see 50, Banks, Yayo, Buck and Game do a mixtape then a whole album and tour together but only if everyone was sincere about it. I have a feeling Game’s motivation is because of his last 2 or 3 albums didn’t do so well. I can’t even remember the last time hearing a Game record on the radio since maybe 5 years ago. I guess since Young Money and MMG took over.

  • dmc

    This would be great promo for 50s album

  • Carlito R

    Hey I never thought NAS and Jay would of ever squash their beef and be 100% cool again. So I guess anything is possible.

  • ser

    50 has nothing left..might as well.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Few things:
    This toy boy was never part of G-unit. He was only signed to G-unit the label.
    G-unit is Banks, Yayo & 50, with Buck as a Yayo subtitute but Banks was a real member.
    Game was never significant in the click. He was just a one album, business move that went bad but this toy boy act like he was in g-unit like that.

  • Ivy blue Hov

    This nigga the biggest fuck nigga ever!!!!!!!

  • Cemal

    I can’t think of a single g-unit song with game on it? He was in the ‘in da club’ video but wasn’t part of the first album, so how is the dude pushing for a reunion if he was never really a part of it?

  • The original G-Unit was 50, Banks, and Yayo. Everyone else were addons. And people need to state facts. BISD went Gold so it wasn’t a flop.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    *Buck was a real member.

    Also Game knows well 50 will not do it and heard 50 recent comment of not doing ever soon a reunion.
    He purposely using this antic strictly for promo as it makes the blogs an people keep talking his name. He knows all publicity is good. If there talks a bout him chances are his new album will be noticed in the midst, he hopes.
    This what this all about and Game got everyone.
    But he is 50 Cwnt groupie at the same time so he wouldn’t be against an actual reunion if did happen.

    And what the heck is 50, a government body that he must respond to a petition? smh

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shyne was right Game is ” not mentally stable”.

  • TheTruth

    The Games is a homothug. He can’t make one fucking song with out dropping other names. I cringe when I hear his music. Try counting how many names he drops in one song. Shit is fucking redonkulous. Fuck Oprah.

  • We Dont Believe You RR

    Has this guy fallen off that bad that he would go out of his way to get a g unit reunion? C’mon son

  • enfamil

    I’m a fan of Game, but not a fan of his decisions. What are you thinking??? You got a G-Not tattoo for godsake!

  • Gaz

    Game cant make his mind up, he just had a bonus track off jesus piece dissing g unit, smh

  • Devante

    Wtf is he doing?

  • web_master

    would it kill him to put a favicon.ico file on his web server? Looks very amateur.

  • Young Guru

    Game gotta be the corniest loneliest weirdest emotional dumb nigga to step foot in the rap game. Nigga just be finding new ways to lose. Rap game Tyrone Lue.

  • JamesBond

    its all about good music and if u want it annex your signature on the appropriate place in the website. We need the Gunit reunion.

  • How Wonderful…

    We dont need a G unit reunion. We need a Three 6 mafia reunion.

  • Gaz

    Couldnt give two shits about a g unit reunion, but game and 50 releasing a somg together out of the blue would be dope, it would definatly be a memorable moment, 50 womt though, he knows games unpredictable and always comtradicts himself

  • Alfie

    first of all, buck’s in jail. banks’ on another label. yayo doesn’t want anything to do with a reunion and 50 has grown into more of an author/trainer/actor/businessman rather than a rapper. therefore, no one wants to sign game’s petition.

  • Bongo

    Game is the definition of corny. smh

  • koO

    game smoking crack? never gonna happen.

  • Belize

    fuck niggas do fuck nigga shyt

  • weedhead

    this is def taydoe money hungry ass idea haha! i like game and 50 but game aint nowhere near legendary status whether you like it or not. something is just missing. and as far as a reunion goes, that would be awesome for buck since he in jail and broke as fuck haha!

    when street king drops yall be on his dick again and prolly wont need a reunion. 50 yayo banks gon do something. time will tell

  • IM730

    This is lame as shit. How you gonna diss and diss then say you want a reunion then diss again then say you want a reunion then diss again then want people to sign a petition. This nigga is MAD MAD desperate for attention man. I’ve never fucked with game or 50 music. It’s so funny that no one has put two and two together to realize that the reason they don’t get along is because they the same people. Beef beef diss diss… take if back. Beef beef diss diss. The difference and it’s not that much is the fact that 50 played his cards right and took his business deals and products through the roof. Game ready to ride coattails again.

  • Los

    I guess this puts the snitch shit to rest huh? Game doesn’t work with snitches, and neither does anyone else that had beef with 50. What’s funny? They’ve all squashed it except for Ross, and Ross never came at 50 that way because it’s always been bogus.



  • SoloK

    this is how you know game’s career is FINISHED!
    1) 50 is making more money than ever, why in the hell would he waste his time ending 2 beefs with a nigga that has.. not one dollar to his name, and another who’s kissing wiz khalifa and lil Wayne’s ass for a single!?
    2) their can’t be ONE person who actually wants this reunion. people wanna hear Game & 50 with Dr. Dre production OR Beef..

  • Beaming

    But why?

  • TheChosenOne

    If Game was smart he’d add a verse onto one of the joints 50 has done recently as a remix just to see how the public responds to hearing them on a song together again.

  • Wolf

    somewhere on red he say “scoop my n***a shyne from belize” then releases a diss track for him months later. he has no opinion on anything

  • Black Chalk


    need beats?
    no mainstream bullshit ^
    hit me up on twitter.. @dndamien

  • pp

    Game’s stupidity has always amazed me.

  • Blackjew
  • Jerzzz

    Game was never apart of the Unit. A nigga signed aint a nigga in the group.

  • Don

    Krazy as Game lol this nigga real

  • Don

    This nigga dnt care wat ppl think thats why hes real af Game time king of the west


    You’re welcome, @Big Homie!

    You corrected the grammatical error after I pointed it out , and you don’t even say “thank you”!? Bloggers these days.

  • OVO

    Game is the illest nuff said

  • @BlueScalise

    This nigga came in the game on 50’s back. Then told him to suck dick after the check came.. Now that his last 2 albums went baked potato… He wants a reunion.. Bitch

  • Q

    Game is a Boss

  • caliking

    Okay. I love games music. I feel like game almost always delivers when It comes to music. Someone features game on a track more then likely he will murder his verse. He destroyed G-unit straight shitted on them should have left it at that and moved on. It’s a bad look for him to go back and forth trying to make peace and then diss them again. How in the fuck does he expect them to take him seriously? I mean In my opinion which I can give 2 fucks if anyone agrees or not I feel like he won the beef hands down. Recently he released blood of Christ which is dissing banks and Yayo.. like common dog now your trying to do this? MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN FUCKING MIND

  • The original lucci


  • Number#1


  • Number#1

    Caliking your right tho

  • Number#1

    But 50 diss him on his single my life



  • John

    The Game

  • 8oldkobe

    ManOman if Gunit is back good music is over


    Chuck what are you duing coming over to ymcmb !

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Mr. Bi-Polar is making more trash he calls music again.