Kanye West Rants In Abu Dhabi

Yeezy and his mask are currently in Abu Dhabi and performed tonight at the Du Arena. Above is “Say You Will” with his latest rant. Below is his opening sequence featuring “Way Too Cold”, “Mercy” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”.


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  • Yeezus Christ

    first, taking offers

  • found this song wanted to share it

    found this song and wanted to share it

  • Yeezus Christ

    ^ hi

  • reallydoe

    throne shit, grown shit.

  • big steve

    the man is a genius

  • Doug Ioviine

    Since the post where I left my last comment was removed ill comment again. As The brother of the current owner of Interscope Records, DELAWARE is being looked at for talent. The first state needs representation and there are some dope acts! Pretty much any artists who have a MIXTAPE w Dj Bran of KISS 101.7 NEED TO BE HEARD

  • dialing it in.

  • G-Unit

    New Video: Kidd Kidd – We Up ft. 50 CENT & Kendrick Lamar (Trailer) on Thisis50.com

  • George

    man, that cold as ice intro to theraflu >>>>>

  • KingTut


  • ?

  • As Real As It Gets

    Whata Circus!!! Smh

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    The way “Way Too Cold” came on was way too cold

  • Real question here is

    Why is a faget allowed to rap?

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  • GRAMZ Kash

    What would college drop out college kanye say to crazy future kanye ?

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  • dmfslimm

    @GRAMZ Kash word.

  • Courso

    What a faggot

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  • acidrap

    LOL and this is the fag that yall say is one of the greatest rappers and producers?!!! Ill take Juicy J ANYDAY as a rapper/producer over this butt-pirate.