New Music: Asher Roth “Pete’s Jazz (Freestyle)”

voice note verse-cover

Asher Roth is requesting your voice notes. For his, he decides to take a quick dip in Pete Rock’s beat. Voice Notes will never be the same.

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  • Yeezus Christ

    dude is wack as fuck

  • poetic assasin

    ^ kill yoself man- cat can rhyme his ass off . If this was the only song I heard from him it would make me look his stuff up.

  • Johnny Ryall

    Dear Def Jam, shelve Disastermind. Enough Drama change the climate in hip-hop flood the hood with The Greenhouse Effect 2. Feature him on some cross over tracks and craft a summer party song, debut it at spring break. This shit is checkers not chess. The worst thing in the world is wasting someone else’s talent… and fake gangsters they’re pretty bad too.

  • JReezy

    Asher Roth rarely disappoints, from what I’ve heard anyway. Another dope track.

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  • Skip Dillenger

    @Johnny Ryall, listen to the Juan Ep that features Asher. It’s not all Def Jam’s fault. Want you want for Asher with him creating more mainstream music, isn’t necessarily what he wants for himself.

  • PistolPistol

    I think Marshall fucked the game up for every white boy. That being said I don’t like this dude is that good

  • SHits way harder than all this Molly rap and gold all on myself type shit sp eat a dick haters

  • jobie

    He could at least he cudi type of dude. Super creative not all over the radio but has his own lane. But Asher has ton of mainstream potential, he can rhyme with the best of them and can be smooth. He needs some real producers to work with though. Not just for beats but crafting his songs