• Faded


  • 50 cent

    This is nice

  • 3rdwardsoldier

    if u havent checked out Late Nights with Jeremih, you missing out something mad dope cant lie

  • Skip Bayless

    Wow this is a good song

  • Cassygeneral

    Late nights with Jeremih is hard, if wayne uses production like this for I am not a human being 2 then it will be his best album since C3 easy

  • Slim Baller

    ^yeah makes sense. Production is the only important factor of an album…smh yall are dumb. Wayne needs some futuristic production and some good rhymes.

  • Chris

    Co-sign the earlier comments. I slept on Jeremih for too long (kinda dismissed him after “Birthday Sex”, to be honest), but dude has tons of fire under his belt already, and he’s just getting started.

  • markcrunk

    great track lil wayne ruins an already good song

  • Cassygeneral

    @Slim Baller I didn’t say it would make it an amazing album I said it would make it his best album since c3 (which isn’t hard to achieve). Read before you scrutinise brother.

  • dope….

  • the brain trust

    Always loved this.

    Wasn’t crazy about Late nights with Jeremih but this joint always stuck out.

    Both Weezy verse + Jeremih’s new verse improved the song. This is a hit

  • Hey ya

    Weezy’s verse is dope… the song is great overall.

  • stereokiller