New Video: Young Scooter “Colombia”

Young Scooter’s got connects. In support of his Street Lottery, he takes it to the Republic of Colombia for his new video. Directed by Decatur Dan with cameos from Gucci Mane and Birdman.

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  • epinz

    The cartels dnt fuck with black dudes. And if they do, u gotta come stringer bell frank lucas correct. No stars tatted om your head or ice cream cones

  • Willie Hozay

    Does anyone actually believe this nigga dude lives in fantasy land talking about selling metric tons and I was on the floor when he was like “done made a whole 2.5 off cocaine in 12 months, i have whole year runs, freeband meetings in puerto rico with hector, me and isabella. lol wtf

  • Truth

    I’m being dead serious right now…Is this nikkuhhh serious??? HOLY FUCK MANNNNNN! Stop with this retarded shit man. Jesus this is played out…FACKKKK!

    FACT: Drug dealers don’t shoot videos…Stop it….stop.

  • Devante

    Oh shit Young scooter got a RR lol

  • bigjhezho

    chyeaaahhhhhh liiillll loddyyyyyyy on the track!!! LIL LODY

  • Jungle

    Gucci stay winnin

  • We Dont Believe You RR

    cant even watch the video rr needs to step it up

  • rahrahrah

    Who is SHE??!

  • Young Guru

    @ephinz cartels fuck with anyone that’s giving them money. they may meet the like this but will have some interaction to do business. The avg cartel distributer (not boss) isn’t living the lavish lifestyle you see in movies. Drug game ain’t what is used to be unless your a Mexican kingpin

  • Truth

    Again I say…Drug dealers don’t make music videos…Point blank.

  • sam n wessin

    Trash…Vado got next

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  • epinz


    They in colombia. We not talkin bout dealers in the states, we talkin bout major bosses. Like the mexicans u speak of. Im colombian, verry familiar with this. They dnt eff with black dudes. Niether do the highet mafia memebers. This is just fact. At least not the american blacks..

  • Truth

    @epinz Precisely…Because they make music videos about their deals days later. SMH

  • Early earl

    I saw the name “Young Scooter” and the title “Colombia” …and I knew exactly what was going happen before I even watched it. … I knew how the song was going to sound before I heard it. You can’t possibly be this unoriginal.

  • Deerawz

    Besides the song being boring and lyrically wack its also a form of snitching on yourself not only are you saying you flying metric tons you showing all the people your with and there faces, rappers wonder why they get pulled over, your song just explained your whole “Drug dealings”

  • BKLYN44

    i just threw up in my mouth…..Please give me back the time i wasted listening to this WWWAAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK motherfucker!Hip Hop is in a state of 911!

  • areal1

    Trash the bitch is the best thing bout dis video

  • pentopaper

    It’s guys like this that mess things up for real hustlers that have to hustle cause it’s not a fad, it’s all they got! this is embarrassing….and let’s me know that these rappers are more entertainers than real dudes. even if you stopped hustling you know not to f it up for dudes that are…and that’s what he’s doing ! embarrassing…

  • You’re Welcome

    Dayami Padron

  • rahrahrah

    @ You’re Welcome

  • prai$e

    this guy is garbage. he swears he is a drug kingpin. fuckin clown.

  • ZZZZzzzZZZzz


  • ZZZZzzzZZZzz


  • The original lucci

    My nigga Felix Mitchell was really fuckin wit the Colombians!! Google that shit!! Anyway young scooter STREET LOTTERY KNOCK u pheel meh real nigga shit!!

  • DREADbwoy

    Who? Where are all these irrelevant, no talent, elementary rappers coming from?

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  • jtm

    Scooter makes songs like this so he can finesse these local real dope boys into giving him money… gimme 16 racks and Hector will mail you some work then he’s gone with your money and didnt even have to flash the toast

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