• 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.

    3 biggest artist in atl …good choice

    n all they solo albums at least GOLD… so gold everything !!!

    Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk !!!

  • John Cusack


  • billions

    Lol @ these washed up rappers tryna save there career

  • rus

    they shoulda put luda and big boi on this too. no matter how much yall try n hate…it was outkast and luda who really took Atlanta international.

    it just should have been a much bigger A-town reunion on this remix

  • DoinTooMuch

    I’m guessing they stole the concept from the michael jackson beat it video lol

  • @rus this isnt their lane, this is clearly trap music

  • Based Based Barea


    Niggas is 37 rapping about trapping,While going home to their famalies…Facade ass niggas

  • The original lucci


  • @billions both these niggas going gold without much buzz, their careers are very much intact oh deluded one. oh and I believe you meant “their” haha idiot

  • rus

    @yung true but luda and big boi have the talent to flip it. plus it aint bout the concept its about them puttn they style on it

    plus all gold everything aint bout trappin its just random shit over a “dopeboy” beat

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**


  • G-Unit

    New Video: Kidd Kidd – We Up ft. 50 CENT & Kendrick Lamar (Trailer) on Thisis50.com

  • billions

    @ KING

    who really cares about my grammar ,

    But yes these rappers are washed up , Trinidad James is the future

  • DREADbwoy

    Fuck tj

  • Obama

    Jeezy old ass know he ain’t been on a bicycle in 30 years

  • FTW

    They all look like fucking idiots.

  • connery

    another video and song with no substance. smdh. I miss when hip hop was actually saying something. Things are just not the same. I’m sick of these rappers today steady talking about hoes,money,cars,and popping mollys…like grow up. most of these men got families and kids and sh*t still on that BS.

    But hey, i guess they have to do whateva the illuminati tells them to, after all they are puppets..just put in place to poison their own communities. smdh

  • 3rdwardsoldier

    washed up? i bet your fav rapper cant sell more than jeezy do first week ^^^^ on every album lmfao

  • As Real As It Gets

    What Circus!!!

  • The Other P

    This is why A stays winning, most of the established artists aren’t worried about the new artists taking their shine. I’m guessing Tip, Jeezy & 2chainz aren’t charging TJ for a verse or to show up in his video. “We don’t hate, we congratulate.”

  • K.I.N.G

    @billions those who use it properly. and statistics show otherwise, so you can continue to believe that if you want dummy

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  • you people rap it up lovingly to them…

  • Mike Diseal

    Fucking wack, what the hell is this garbage these niggaz promoting?

    i never seen these niggaz with Big Krit

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  • The Other P

    ^^@ Mike Diseal 2Chainz had a verse on “Money on the Floor” & he & Tip were in Krit’s video for the song. Krit produced “I’m Flexin” for Tip.

  • JB

    What the hell is 2 chainz wearing???

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  • Rapping is some thing
    very cool.. words actually matters when its comes to rapping..