Behind The Scenes: Ace Hood Ft. Future x Rick Ross “Bugatti”

That’s a whole lot of money on the table. Following the premiere of the track, Ace shared our first look of the video. Today, we get filmage of what went down on the set. Trials & Tribulations coming soon.

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  • gary

    rozay is the teflon don on you fuck boyz….

  • rrahha

    should be FUGAZI

  • Willie Hozay

    These Miami guys have watched Scarface to many times and lol at them using Baby’s car smh

  • e


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Roberts has to get a oscar this year. That boy can act.

  • Obama

    Take it back to the essence of WHAT Khaled?! An what the fuck is up with all the shots of cute little dogs? Is that supposed to be gangster?? Fuck this shit… “Ace Hood” career was over before it even started..

  • MiYayo


  • Greg

    Always the same idots commenting on a Ross related post hating these niggas definately have no life lol


    the cop ross is a booty popping baboon. watch your back YN, you toad…

  • HiphopJustice

    No Matter what he does Rick Ross will never have a legacy in hip-hop culture. The only thing he will be remembered for is being the 1st Law enforcement officer to be given a platform in the culture. William you are a good actor & some of your songs are cool but unfortunately being a correctional officer is just not consistent with hip-hop culture. You’ll never be amongst the greats 2pac, Nas, Jay z, Biggie, 50 cents, Dmx, Scarface etc people who sincerely contributed a part of themselves to the culture. the Best you can hope for is the best pop rapper. Regards an Honest Man

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  • Brandon

    What the f*ck is wrong with working in Law Enforcement???? You n*ggas IS IGNANT! He was 19 when he did the CO thing! This dude is what 37 or 38 now. So what. Well how about this, lets not have no police, lets not have no COs and let criminals run the jail…N*GGA specias is the dumbest!

  • atown don

    Haters, i mean secret Rozay fans! In case you 4got this is Ace Hood’s song… Rozay is just featured on this hit! Damn niggaz luv to hate on Rozay! Secret Lovers??