Macklemore & Ryan Lewis NBA All-Star Video

NBA All Star weekend is two weeks away, but before the festivities kick off, here’s an alternate video of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ track “Wings”. The original clip is better than some Nike commercials.

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    Lakers better win today!!!

  • B.Dot

    Fuck the Lakers. Knicks, baby!


    Fuk the knicks! You want Beef?

  • Me

    Fuck em both #HeatNation

  • Real question here is

    SUPERSONICS? thunder on point this year

  • dfhgdfg

    bit ironic…

  • Prophet


    No, its not. Stop swallowing these dudes.

  • jt3000

    I guess mack finally sold out when the money started chasing him. This video represents the complete opposite of what the song was about. Get paid and I guess you lose your values.

  • to jt

    lmao success strikes and you get mad…so your telling me that if you had THIS opportunity to make a video for something big you wouldnt? everyone easily says no but put yourself in his shoes. years of being known but not well enough to make good money…now hes got things going. i dont think he lost his values and if you think that you’re ignorant because we all know that we would take the same opportunity.


    @me this #twitter are sumthin?


    @Bdot yall can have Dwight hurt ass lol

  • jt3000

    Speak for yourself but don’t tell me I would do the same thing because you don’t know me. First off I didn’t say anything about being mad. He got that opportunity off the success of the album and the message he was trying to send. He has made a lot of money off of it. The guy is independent and has a single that sold 2 million so you are telling me he needed the money that my friend is a joke. Your are the ignorant one buddy go watch the real wings video then go watch this video right after. He has the fame and money now but he chose to make this Glorifying nba stars and shoes which was not the message of the song. No I wouldn’t take the same opportunity because I am not a sellout in my personal life. I have lost jobs over what I believe, at the end of the day you have to live with yourself.


    So tried of the way he raps with that corny movie nostalgic rhyme style….”the first time laced up some sneakers., my daddy smile because he knew i never had this pair, he was strickin with polio/” HATE THAT SHIT!

  • to jt

    ok so your right i dont know you, and you dont know macklemore and why he did it. neither do i.
    so pretty much its all a contradiction. all im trying to say is that when you have good things going, you keep the ball rolling. thats how the success keeps building up. if you want to think that bringing in money is selling out thats fine. im perfectly happy with my values and morals and if i personally had that opportunity that could help me support myself, my future family and whatever the future holds in todays society, than i would damn take that opportunity. but i guess that would mean im a “sellout”

  • Johnny Ryall

    As a fan I understand the contradiction point but I think that’s what makes it great if someone sees the NBA promo then “checks” for the song and gets the real message then that’s the win, win. The shots in the Wings video are based off some of Nike’s best commercials. The Question really is where’s Mack’s Kamikaze’s? Get comfortable with it people Mack’s Reign is just gettin started, Man.

  • Chronic

    This dude straight sold the fuck out on this one, its the exact opposite message of the original song when it’s like this.

  • the One

    @JT3000 You’re 100 percent right!

  • Just Sayin

    These two are gay. The promote same sex marriage. HipHop is dead!

  • Nosel

    Wait, wasn’t the original of this song about consumerism? Wtf is this????? Sellout.

  • Look, hip hop is a commodity now. Everybody wants a piece as long as its safe and you can sell it. Only reason dude is getting this look is because he’s white. Let’s be real. Didn’t he chart a # 1 song? It’s not because he’s dope.

  • tre

    Ayo, B.Dot…how are you not gonna call them out with respect to this promotion completely taking away from the meaning behing the original song.

    They went from speaking out against consumerism to nearly promoting it. I mean it’s cool and all that they get to do this NBA promo but it kind of takes away from the original song.

    I’m happy to they got this opportunity but any other artist who did would be labelled as selling out.

    They could have picked any other song…

  • Gus

    ^^ YES. First of all, I can’t believe Macklemore agreed to do this. Where is the artistic integrity? He has become a corporate pitchman for the NBA and is essentially whoring himself to increase publicity…for an artist that prides himself on being socially and politically conscious and not surrendering to corporate america, this is a major step in the wrong direction. This is a classic example of money and power purchasing censorship. Notice how they omitted the parts of the songs that were critical of consumerism and anti-materialistic? Then they switched the lyrics around to make it seem like shoes were gonna make you fly like Blake Griffin?

    C’mon, Macklemore. Don’t sell out on us now.

  • TheCool

    @thehustle_: You’re really still on that “he only sells cuz he’s white” shit?

    Then how come MGK isn’t doing numbers? He sold even less then Tyler The Creator, on a major label.

    Mac Miller? He’s already fading.

    Where the fuck is Yelawolf? He’s on Shady out of all labels, and he ain’t do shit either. Kendrick, ASAP, Cole, Meek, are all black artists running circles around these white dudes, musically, and numbers wise. Macklemore just happened to make a catchy ass single that blew up.

  • jeez

    but if this was 2 chainz or some fucking bullshit rapper like tyga everyone would be like this shit IS DOPE HHAHAHAHA…pathetic

  • Black Chalk

    really good video. i like seeing these 2 win

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^

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