New Video: Lecrae x Thi’sl “Fakin”

Keeping it realer than real, Lecrae¬†doesn’t bite the tongue in his new video off his album, Gravity. Directed by Isaac Deitz. Fakers beware and take notice.

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  • rahrahrah

    Damn….how many artists does this apply to.
    Let’s start a list.
    Fakers who preach death to our children…
    It would be easier to list the exceptions. Hah!

  • Good post!! Dope song album was one of the best of 2012

  • As Real As It Gets

    Didn’t the roots do this about 20 years ago? Niggas been calling out fake rappers since the 90’s homeboy. Instead of taking the Luke warm route how about you preach the gospel and give the world some hope. Talk about heaven and what lies for all those who believe in Jesus Christ. Stop focusing on this world and talk about the world to come. Till you do that you’re not helping the kingdom, you’re just tolerating the madness. I’m gone!!

  • It’s dudes like @As Real As It Gets who is more concerned with your right to have an abortion and who marries who than what JESUS actually said and was more concerned about. Real Funny.

    And this was one of the best albums of the year, this song was cool but I want to see a video for “Mayday”. Vid was on point though.

  • D.A. there is a video for Mayday… and As Real As It Gets listen to the rest of the album

  • ?uest.

    Fuck this nigga and his gospel raps. Bloggers, rappers, commenters; hate to break it to ya but threre is no Jesus(or God). Any one with an reasonable IQ Can come to that conclusion using rational/logic and reason. The boy can rap no hate, he just gotta stop that jesus saved my ish, good God PLEASE!

  • Trill Cosby

    Cosign ?uest. Shit is fake!
    cc: Bdot

  • @?uest.
    @Trill Crosby

    Anybody with a reasonable IQ could see that nature didn’t create itself and man didn’t evolve from something that still exists.

  • amen Chris

  • alex

    @Chris Evolution isn’t even a theory any more you dumb fuck, there’s irrefutable proof that evolution is true.
    You can stick with your IQ and your talking bushes.

  • the guy who made up Evolution said it was wrong b4 he died…

  • clarkski

    Everyone claiming IQ points and no one knows what they’re talking about! God and evolution are mutually exclusive…it’s not one or the other. Darwin’s theory of evolution does not claim the ORIGIN of life…only the evolution of species (how it when from one stage to the next….not how it started). Please read a book before you start posting nonsense. The whole “anyone with an IQ would know there isn’t a God” argument is pretty ridiculous – Newton, Pascal, Einstein, Kepler, Copernicus, etc, etc….I’m pretty sure these dudes had insane IQs considering they basically invented modern science, lol..

  • Truth

    Clarkski basically said it all. Thanks, very well put.

  • ?uest.

    @ajb4 Please get an education, you have no idea what you talking about.

    @clarkski You neanderthal. Evolution is a scientific fact whereas God is man made drivel. “only the origins of species” hate to break it to you but humans are spiecies(homo sapiens we call them in science). And yes anybody with an IQ would despel religion hence only 7% of the scientist believe in God

  • alex


    “The “Lady Hope Story”, published in 1915, claimed that Darwin had reverted to Christianity on his sickbed. The claims were repudiated by Darwin’s children and have been dismissed as false by historians”

  • That Django