New Music: Mack Maine Ft. Flo, N.O.R.E. & Cory Gunz “Ghetto Symphony”


Mack Maine and his choir exalt their gospels over A&AP Rocky’s instrumental produced by V Don. This will appear on Mack’s upcoming mixtape Freestyle 102.

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  • Cory gunz killed it. Cory u need to step up though where the music at honestly if u had better song writeing skills u could b the east coast Kendrick Lamar

  • LikeJordan45

    I fucking hate the way this nigga cuffed his jeans over those shitty Jordan 1’s…definitely not gonna listen to the song tho

  • fsl4lfe

    lmao he def made the 1’s look horribleeeeeeeee

  • Safe Dwade

    I aint gone listen either

  • JustMyOpinion

    1 minute before the song starts? Come on.

    Flo- Average

    Hook – Serves no purpose

    Nore – on his War Report flow

    Cory- he just rapped fast. No big deal.

    Mack – Stop rapping. No for real.

  • I l3ang ur sis

    His name ain’t Flo is “Flow”

  • Money pouch

    Like who wear there jays like that b

  • leaner

    surprisingly dope

  • I hope Gunz gets busy this year. Dude’s too talented. Raw since the SMACK DVD days

  • ZZzzzZZzz

    better not be a cellphone watch. ION FUCK WITH THAT

  • Devante

    Corey Gunz been around since 05.. Idk man so many have came after him.

  • ZZzzzZZzz

    1 word *WAISTELINE* son of a goof & ion backback I clapback. Luckily I Catch MTV here & there but believe me niggas dont want static with us.

  • StanSmitty

    These guys make Gunplay sound like 3 stacks

  • billions

    Lol cool J’s … Lmao

  • lol

  • B HAYES THE PIMP. cory i waited too long for yu to blow. if yu aint droppin yu aint tryin jus fuk it. i gave up on millzy a lil bit too


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  • caliking

    cory gunz needs to drop a album oh wait and a mixtape