Lil Wayne On Camera Man Altercation

Following Direct TV’s celebrity Beach Bowl in N.O. yesterday, Weezy got into an dispute with a camera man. Above, he pulls the race card and explains to E! what happened. He doesn’t like to be touched.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “He doesn’t like to be touch.”….Unless its Birdman no problem.

  • D Twice

    Awww poor little guy.

  • Marv Mullah

    “Cause they not the same color as me” Wayne is a trip.

  • cj

    he is not a human being…2

  • veesky

  • Leon Sandcastle


  • Audi RS5

    Nas lost

  • jjj

    And people still buy this faggot’s music?

    Get fucking real, people.

  • Nathaniel

    i knew it wasn’t about losing. i kept hearing “lil wayne a sore loser, he spazzed on the camera guy blah blah”

    …but in those pictures on elliott’s instagram, i suspected something else went down. i was thinking why would wayne be made at the camera guy, not the opposing team or the refs, but the camera guy, about loosing. and a charity game? eh… wasn’t adding up.

  • Iran The Race

    Big Homie is a faggot…

    Only racist white people use the word “RACE CARD”. Please don’t adopt the vocabulary of racist white people.

    You really played yourself with that big phony, I mean big homie… ha

  • Kayyson

    @jjj People shouldn’t buy his music because he got into an argument with a camera man? You hating niggas are fucking faggot if this was this overrated as nigga tupac yall would be on his dick..

    Jay z lost.

  • the brain trust

    STFU @ Iran the race

    Don’t pretend that in this farcical of era of political correctness,
    false ‘racism’ allegations aren’t sported like they’re going outta fashion.

    I mean, we all saw the American Idol nonsense with Nicki Minaj

  • Kid

    Waynes next song gone be like

    “I knock her the lights off… Superbowl”

  • yung money

    that sound in the background was waynes chopper bout to come swoop him up

  • “They say Im Crazy-Kinda- Sort of” That nigga wayne is a lil crazy. He’s the type of crazy thats crazy but can still function.


    Pedophile cameraman! Weezy is right! Youre not allowed to molest children! Or small lil Faggots..

  • Truth Will Out

    Fuck Lil Wayne

    Can’t let niggas in the real world. Rich or poor, niggas just cannot handle average, everyday humans or good clean fun.

    I love black people; but I hate niggas – “Chris Rock”

  • MrDope

    Iran The Race – So only white people can be racist’s…?

    Black people can be as racist to white’s as white people can be to black people, equally as racist.
    The difference is that black people use the word racist to much and accuse white people to be racists when in fact it has no background at all…

    One wrong word as a white male and you’re considered a racist by many black people.
    It’s fucked up…

    Black people can talk about a white person but when a white person talks about a black man, it’s awful and racist.

    Many black people scream “Yeah I’m black and I’m proud of it!”
    Just a thing like that screams hate against the whites.
    We don’t live in the 1800 century anymore, a skin color don’t define a person, a personality do.
    So to hate on a person and say like Lil Wayne did there just proves that he’s a stupid individual…

  • <—–Dope Track

  • Evil

    Wayne the clown.

  • jesus

    hahaha what a lil fag .. hope no white people ever but his music … Nas WON

  • Mister wayne, are you the batman? – b hayes the pimp

  • Kayyson

    For people who care what really happened…

    ” I was there , i worked on the field that day & saw what happend. the camera guy was trying to get pass wayne and didnt say excuse , he just pushed his way pass wayne as if he wasnt standing there and wayne looked at him and said “damn bro you culdve said excuse” and the camera guy got a attutide and said some shit back and pushed wayne out the way again and wayne got mad and they had words with eachother . then the camera guy got scared when wayne got in his face (lol) and gave a bullshit apology w/o saying it to wayne face. & then officials/security came and made it seem like wayne was the one who started it. so he stormed out pissed.”

  • mac DIESEL

    if this was any one else yall would be saying they a G but since its Wayne…………………

    Yall Love to Hate… Its sorry i feel bad for yall

  • dumb niggas these days

    ^^^ there you have it, now stop hating on wayne

  • Devante

    He so sensitive, you could hear it in his voice he was trynna hold back tears

  • Trill Citizen of Da Earth

    Fuck white people and anybody that love ’em lol! Da true definition of racism: Racism is a white institution against non-white people in all aspects of life. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit that black people can be racists too. Fuck white supremacy!

  • hitsquad

    niggas forget that wayne’s job is to be a entertainer so the shit you see on tv is just for our entertainment. So when you see this nigga in funny clothes and jumping all around on the stage with his skateboard just know its for our entertainment. He’s giving you hating fucks a outlet to talk about him. Hell the more you talk about him the more relevant he stays the more richer he gets. Thats the way this entertainment business shit works. When the cameras go off this nigga just like the me and you the only difference is this nigga has money so he has better things to do other than get behind a computer and keyboard and talk shit because it essence he know yall dumb niggas just gonna keep on getting him richer


    fuck this gremlin looking niggaaw watsup wayne didnt daddy let you stunt on a nigga haha nigga needs to stop rappin he can skate better old tony hawk ass nigga

  • I’m not mad at him. Good thing he didn’t cause a bigger scene and get into any legal trouble over it. Wasn’t worth it…

  • Damien

    The difference is that Wayne is a superstar. Not only that, but he has been to jail recently. Wayne is too successful to let this get to him. He should be above this shit. If it was someone like Gunplay we’d all say “Oh well that’s just ratchet ass Gunplay going off again.” But this isn’t Gunplay, this is Wayne. He needs to grow up and brush things like this off.

  • Del

    this guy…

  • MR.M

    Can’t touch until birdman got that money in hand

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  • Bangers N Mash

    What a fuckin clown. Chill the fuck out, you piece of trash.

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  • Therealist

    Lol look at all the broke niggas and wack ass Trolls Crying! hahaha dont like wayne GFTO,@Bighomie lol Race card? NO, more like truth! AS a BLACK man you are not allowed to have money and get in a altercation with someone even if they start it! WE all no this! As in Black people, and any who has had to deal with RAcist people, if wayne gets in altercation he goes to jail white guy gets slap on back! GOOD job you caught us another rich black male! you kno like pregs black women gettin punched in face, tazed, or when we get shot in back while handcuffed, sent to jail over a story no evidence, told we go to jail cuz we do more crime “words of white washington judge”ect, if you think racist people are gone, and that your gettin treated fairly by the white man then you seriously are stuck in a bubble, or a house nigger, which one are you? @BIGHOMIE?

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  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    thanks for setting an example for hiphop wayne

    but real talk. grow up wayne stop starting fights with camera men, just if the camrea man was black then u wouldnt have had a problem with him right?

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this is the same guy that wanted to do a song with eminem is still pulling the race card a cple years later? thats some bullshit, peopel worked har din hiphop to break down racial sterotypes and for wayne to even bring that back up is completely arrogant of himself

  • If

    So… He’s saying that if the cameraman was black he actually would have kicked his ass? Somehow I don’t believe that…

  • mitch

    @MrDope did you just say black people accuse white ppl of being racists, but it has no background?? are you kidding me? tell me your just being funny, your joking right? i swear these biased one-sided comments make me laugh. ….

  • Black Chalk

    blah blah “please think i’m tough cuz i got a album droppin”

    sidenote: interested to see if he has any crazy features on human 2

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^


    wayne is a booty popping swamp nigga. lil wendy is ony a superstar to his booty popping fans. to the rest of the world he just a piece of shit stain on a public toilet…..

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  • Beaming

    @ mac DIESEL

    You the biggest hater on here crying about niggas love to hate. Your just another one of em ya hypocrite.

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  • HK

    Hilarious but these comments are even funnier.

  • MrDope

    mitch – You clearly did not understand what I meant.
    Of course I didn’t mean it lite you understood it, maybe i wrote in a weird way.
    I meant short term but if you ad in the whole picture i understand why it is like it is.

    English is not my native language…

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  • $arcastic A$$hole

    The race card expired on inauguration day. Stop bitching!

  • Keisha

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