New Music: Maejor Ali Ft. Juicy J x Justin Bieber “Lolly”


Bei Maejor’s going by Maejor Ali these days. And with a new name comes new music. Here’s his latest featuring Juicy J and Justin Bieber. Spoiler alert: The Biebs is rapping again. Power 105.1 premiered it this morning, but here’s the CDQ. Breakfast Club interview after the jump.

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  • rjk

    beiber ?

  • Cheeez

    What the fuck is a beiber?

  • ded tanson

    the name is right on there how are you fucking this up

  • Your Father

    Remember the last time Juicy J/Three 6 Mafia had a song to do with Lollis/Lollys shit ended their careers. Please stop!
    Maejor Ali sounds like Lloyd on this.

  • OVO

    RETURN TO BABY SHIT FAGGOT ASSHOLE BEIBER!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear this a jam if ya remove beiber!! but some Fags be goin hell yea! Bullshit!

  • Bridget


  • Gambino

    I thought Mike Posner was supposed to be on this

  • suckit

    big sean wannabe

  • Pardonmyswag

    Ok bieber…better than I thought

  • IM730

    TELL ME GILLIE DA KID didnt write the Biebs verse…. hahah

  • Ortis

    Why all the hate on the beibster, lol. That kid makes more money and p*ssy than any of us. “He’s not gangster enough” who cares…

  • Dru

    So people are gonna pretend like Bieber’s verse wasn’t cool? You guys are losers. Straight up and down lol. I don’t understand how dudes can throw shade at a kid living out his dreams.

  • Chronic

    The hate is because its the simplest teen-pop verse ever…and the kid probably didn’t even write it himself.

  • liv

    you go bieber love you justin

  • liv

    you say shit like bieber cant rap well guess what he can he does and he did lets see what you can do fuckers

  • Black Chalk

    who wulda thought bieber wud go from that baby song to sippin lean, smokin blunts making 36 mafia songs…its a new world

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^


    Bands make her dance, molly make her lose her underwear

  • Donn

    Don’t Dr Dre have ghostwriters too though ???


    Big Sean wrote that verse, u can tell by the way he flows

  • Viva La A$VP

    bieber stay away… this is trash