Joe Budden Confronts Consequence

As the drama heats up on Love & Hip Hop, some of it spilled over to Hot 97. During an intermission of a cast interview, Joe confronted co-star Consequence on his Breakfast Club interview. Good thing it didn’t get physical. Remember, No Love Lost. Cons later tweets:

So Joe didn’t Walk out & come back once he got the Heart 2 Holla? I just explained things so the company I was with off cam didn’t blitz. Where’s that footage??? And where’s the footage of Joe talking Jen??? #Reaching. I PROMISE that Edit is BOGUS… But it’s COOL. Believe what you want. NO MORE TALKING #StraightLikeThat

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  • Simba

    Joe Cool

  • Devante

    This all an act set up be VH1 for the show…

  • consequence was shook! lol. bitch ass ni99a.

  • It’s the roc

    I don’t mind when Cons has verbal diarrhea (all the time) because what’s he’s saying is usually interesting, but he’s liable to get Debo’d one of these days

  • wilks

    Joe handled that way too cool lol

  • Ramel

    Joe don’t got nobody shook…it’s all a setup for the show! SMH…ya’ll some sheep believing the hype

  • Ivy blue Hov

    Joe Budden brought out the bitch in consequence…. Ho ass buck tooth nigga!!

  • Lethargic1

    @Devante No, it isn’t. Consequence tends to talk stupid shit and Joe simply confronted him about the bs he said on Breakfast Club.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ I 100% agree. I question anyone that watch these shows. I question their level of education. I am sorry no individual with a solid education would sit and watch this ignorance. I don’t mean you having a masters degree, but just an educated person.

    This was a ultra feminine, tey stood their and talked.

  • “he’s just a shook one”

  • Devante

    Con talking crazy on breakfast club will also be shown on VH1. This shit is way too predictable son.

  • Genesis

    Don’t act like you’re any better for not watching something…. You niggas probably finger your assholes in your spare time…. I’m not a fan of reality television either, but it by no means makes me superior to anyone who is….. You elitist, judgmental fucks have to understand that in the land we live in, personal taste is not God….. Peace….

  • Young Lucky

    what the fuck do you mean its a set up for the show?
    i doubt cons is sitting on millions but i doubt hes doing that bad to allow them to make him look like a complete CHUMP!!

    joe 1 – Cons 0

  • poetic assasin

    people can’t have real conversations and hash out issues? smh at our current state — Yea they are on a show together but not everything is scripted — i’d rather it be something like this then for them to be brawling over something petty—


    oh you aint so tough now huh

  • FTW

    Joey stay high.

    I hate to laugh at another man’s addiction but I’m ctfu.

    Cons is talking way too much. How are you going to cop pleas in front of your wife? lol

  • Trillionaire

    Consequence you a bitch nigga…you gassed urself and now you copping the plea to the max…lmao

  • Evil

    This was not scripted.They aint that good actors.Lol
    Budden handled that shit like a man.

  • ran

    That’s how you suppose to handle loudmouth’s, calm, cool, & collected.

  • qbeezy

    its a shame some of you dummies are mad that they didnt fight like savages

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    He reminded me of these tough talking Internet thugs on R/R!

  • B

    Joe Budden = Fire. Everyone go cop that No Love Lost today. SHIT IS FIRE!!! Trust me. Already coped it banged it back to back blazing L’s. Shits crazy

  • pentopaper

    fuc joe budden hea aint tough. no one wanna talk nigga! do sum no point for that cornball brotha

  • The Other P

    Joe Jean Vest, don’t forget this “WuTang clan ain’t nothin to fuck wit.” Cons’ interview with BF club was funny. Jean Vest is a sensitive ass nigga.

  • Homie

    LOL When Joe is on that medicine, he’s calm as shit

  • that is no confrontation that is a convo smh

  • Damn

    Sounds like Cons got hurt and took things personal when Joe said he didn’t want to work with him. Like Cons said, he thought he was cool with Joe, but caught feelings we he heard Joe didn’t want to work with him. Joe seems to have matured and stays calm and cool when he isn’t high. And it seems like none of them knew the camara was on and Joe walked in b4 Cons did an interview w/ Hot97.

  • chillthrill

    this nigga consequence,,psss!!! what happened to that rahrahrah shit,,,this nigga coppin a plea on some soft shoe shit,,,,,,now its nothin,,,,,nigga please!!!!,,,psssss

  • How Wonderful…

    Didnt Joe Budden get snuffed by Raekwon a few years back foe talking wreckless about Method man? and he might be one hit (of drugs) away from being the next Gunplay (Junkie acting wild in public …just saying)

    Besides like it was already stated. This is called cross marketing. If you ever realize, these rappers who do reality shows always have thier album released when the show is being aired. Jim Jones, T.I., Game and now Joe Budden have all done it.

  • poetic assasin

    It would have been marketing if they started fighting. Too grown men talking and settling differences. Why does Joe have to be high cause he is talking calmly ? Cats are too used to people getting wild- he stated previously that he’s trying to stay away from beef and be more mature- he’s 32 now, gotta secure ur money.

  • poetic assasin


  • Black Shady

    “How are you going to cop pleas in front of your wife? lol”

    LMAO Joe bodied Cons without doing much….smh

  • Bleeding Frogs

    I’m so confused about all of this 🙁

  • BlAzEENsane

    lol Cons blaming Joe when the Hot 97 Logo is clearly at the bottom and this footage look too good to be shot by a reg iphone camera

    “No More Talking” Well You Said that Last time nigga lol

    then with technology these days and yall being on the same show bruh niggas is not hard to find if they really want that

  • DMVinyourchick

    Damn not a good look

  • Lethargic1

    The dumbest people flood these comment sections. Some of you should’ve been floating at the bottom of a toilet bowl.

  • Jerzzz

    So we got Consequence in there coppin pleas and explaining his ass off like a bitch to Joe for running his mouth like a bitch on her period. Now this nigga running his mouth on twitter talking bout “I just explained things so the company I was with off cam didn’t blitz”
    Cons used to be a dope dude, now his entire life is joke.

  • Gaz

    Funny how people remember it as raekwon punching joe, he and no member of wu tang touched joe, it was his 7ft body builder bodyguard…….bitch move, then joey called out raekwon for a one on one fight, suddenly raekwon wanted peace.

  • Balla

    Why the fuck does anyone care about this horse teeth ass nigga

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  • County Of Kings

    @lethargic1 i cosign that my nigga, and alot of others said the same shit.

    niggas is so pussy these days they got it twisted how a man should act. they think gettin on the radio and dissing everybody in sight and ACTING wild is what a man does. na a man can talk wit his mouth or his fist yall internet niggas is just that, internet niggas.

  • The original lucci


  • First , Joe did nothing. He didn’t get loud, he didn’t get in his face, zero, nada.

    Second, I don’t like Cons , but he was right, he was amped and mad about the fact that people don’t recognize that Cons has some real accomplishments on his belt. & tho I’m a fan of Joe Budden (I actually paid for his new album last night), Cons has been at a higher level than Joe ever has. Grammys and all! So when they said to him on power 105 , “will you do a song with Joe Budden”, Cons is mad that he just finished explaining the type of respect he deserves and it’s followed by asking IF he can do a song with Joe Budden.

    Overall tho, I do’t believe any of this is real, there were two cameras on them, Joe and everyone can see the camera, no one is telling them it’s on camera and to fall back, it’s very obvious this is just a “let’s talk on camera , tho our problems are real, our actions are not”

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Rapper rhymes with actor

  • Cons was explaining himself alot which meant he was shook..
    If he wasnt shook he wouldve kept it short and simple

  • PayAttention

    Cons did bitch up, but yall also have to realize the cuts in the footage, this shit was edited HEAVY.

    I don’t know what was taken out, but it has about 3 big cuts from the footage. Either way it goes, Cons looked kinda scared having to explain himself in such depth.

  • HOVA

    That wasn’t never going anywhere. Joe Budden always acting like he’s about to pop something off while niggas in the streets out there fucking his bitch. Go sit down nigga.

  • kermikaze

    on some grown man shit, i dont think either of them backed down(during their conversation), con did say “its nothing”, or “its whatever” meaning we can get into some gangsta shit, and joe called him out on everything that con has been saying in interviews to see if its worth beefing for…whats fucked up is that con agreed to stop wit the bullshit, when joe said he hates when niggas say there done and the next day start up again, which is exactly what con is doing with his recent tweet, thats some bitchassness right there…sorry con, but u showed your true colors with that tweet …WE DONT BELIEVE U


    “….do you have a garbage?….so I could throw this out?” Jenn the Pen

    TRANSLATION: …lemme move out the way from this shit……REAL QWIK.

  • Mojo

    Shook little leprechaun

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    This def wasnt scripted…And im the first to say some shit is a set up…But this was simply joe confronting con about his bullshit and handling it like a grown man thats it…Con is looking bad tho..I wudnt say joe bitched him but him getting on twitter saying i just was coppin pleas so the wolves wont be on joe just shows what type of nigga he is…A pussy nigga…

  • D Twice

    At 2:11 Jen the Pen look over her shoulder like “my nigga is a bitch” hahahahaha

  • Obama

    People really losing their ability to know bullshit when they see it..

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  • val

    This very UNATTRACTIVE couple talk way too much! Con punk ass hit a man when his back was turn’d. Really!! Jen you think before you speak!