New Music: Brianna Perry x Pusha T “Red Cup”

Whatever drank choice is in your red cup, Brianna tips hers to Pusha T for our daily serving. Ms. Perry’s Symphony No 9: Bri Major mixtape is coming soon.

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  • kappy

    wait… red cafe or pusha t?

  • Jack Muhhoguf

    umm….Red Cafe’s on this track? thats weird, he sounds just like Pusha T….Step your game up bloggers

  • / R K V N E

    pusha killed it.
    Beat was dope
    Good to see female rappers
    and have a variety to listen to

  • LikeJordan45

    Pusha gotta stop giving these uncut coke verses to stepped on rappers.

  • Sexiichicktoya

    Damn shawty killed this shit she rode that beat most def. Pusha T did his thing too love the Bonnie and Clyde vibe

  • acidrap

    Is that kanye on the front wearin those heels?

  • ZZZzzZZzz

    AWwWwWww #JINKYS *laughs* #DOPESHIT *laughs*

  • ZZZzzZZzz

    ___Join The Club TH!$ F^LL —> ( ! R R E ( $ W A G ) A B L E – X _________________ <———– ( Not A Fashion Statement ) #RESPECT #DUE 5.16 ( #LOVE #LOYALTY )

  • Ea$y Bread

    T killed this record. Another crazy verse that will go unheard by the masses…