New Music: Casey Veggies x Rockie Fresh “Energy”


Both Casey and Rockie released their projects recently. Today, the tandem combine their energy on this joint track. Download Casey Veggies’ Life Changes here and Rockie Fresh’s Electric Highway here.

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  • mac DIESEL

    TRASH!!!! SHIT IS WACK!!!!


  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    Ironically…He raps with absolutely no ENERGY. Does he record in the morning or something?

  • onenutned

    not feelin this.

  • PRezzi

    horrible beat choice…

  • DC Allstar

    Normally wouldnt be negative towards artist but cot damn shit has to stop. Problem with the industry is bum ass niggas like these two. No singles, no image, just a plug and a stamp to get on and waste our time and fuck up our hearing. Though people hate on someone like Keef at least dude got singles. These two couldn’t make a hit if it fell on them. Must be tax write offs for RocNation and MMG to have them signed to their companies. And why put the worst two bum ass niggas on a song? Not smart. Y’all both are boooed at shows so it wasn’t gonna be any different online when u posted this trash. Better luck next time. Focus on artist development and perfecting your craft. Learn from mistakes and better your music it’s your duty as an artist (if that’s what you call yourselves) and stop tryna rush to be great cuz y’all both clearly are not. – DC Allstar