nice effort , smh

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Didn’t like the beat
    We need a Dipset reunion not this

  • JustinTime

    Jim Jones is finished out here! Take your music and go the other way

  • Throne

    Beat stolen, “Tru” adlib stolen, “Hey” censor, stolen.

  • mike

    Dipset reunion. Please

  • Based Based Barea

    Why the fuck ya’ll wanna hear a bunch of washed up niggas from 11 years ago make records again…

    This songs sucks ass by the way smh

  • JAy Charles

    This joint was horrible!!! Like really terrible. It shouldnt even have been posted. Im disappointed in u E!!

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    If your name has “based” referring to Lil B, you shouldn’t have an opinion on music period.

  • Yacht

    Ahh… It’s not cool. I fux wit Jim he got more in the tank than this.

  • Boywonda24

    I like it…all y’all youngins to this hip hop ish…smh we all know Jim ain’t the best lyricsist

  • billions

    Jim jones ?


  • Dub town

    Heard u say wavy like you ain’t still on max b dick jimmy!!!!!!!

  • ZZzzzZZzz


  • Dipset4life

    F the haters I rock wiv Jim true G not ur little pop star gay z VAMPIRELIFE ur ass


    HAHAHA serious