• Harden

    Jeezy’s How It Feel

  • honesty

    these niggas using Jeezy mixtape beats now? not a good look song wack too.

  • ZZzzZzz

    LEP WENT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #SALUTE

  • stereokiller

    whoever signed these limited lyricists need to be fired.. cough cough

  • Kenny Gs3

    wtf dont these niggas understand ???? they sound amazing …maybe even untouchable on that soulful shit … that musical shit … real kicks and snares …. them on these trap beats is a losing situation … this the sony deal all over again if these niggas dont get back on that soulful shit…

  • Brahsef

    Yeah disappointing. DFK3 was that shit, and now they just making mediocre tunes.

  • Shucho Malfho

    Gee Roberson lost his ear and hunger. Remember what got you here homie. These niggaz aint it