50 Cent By The Numbers 10 Years Later


50 Cent didn’t have to die to get rich. Thanks to his blockbuster debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin’,  50 flipped his underground hustle into a multi-million dollar empire. Today, Fif celebrates the 10 year anniversary of his multi-platinum seller. A lot has changed since then, but Fif’s managed to roll with the times. Above is an infograph chronicling his decade-long journey. Pretty impressive resume. Sip some some Bacardi and toast to a landmark career.

Sidebar: 50 Cent Breaks Down GRODT Bonus Songs

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  • Firepower


  • Willie Hozay

    50 is the definition of a BOSS from his days as a street gangster to now. He did more in a year than most rappers will do in their lives.

  • Pizzle

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  • mac DIESEL


    ……HA!!!! QUEENS WINS AGAIN!!!!


  • weedhead

    50 is a real nigga and real niggas know that. dont forget about the g unit radios and all the othre mixtapes he was involved in

  • King

    As much as I hate his music but Respect to his hustle

  • Anon DCPL

    Salute. Real G who made it and is doing real boss shit.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF made a great impact on HIP HOP. He still grinding on everything from music and movies and business ventures. Much respect to you Curtis Jackson. B. Dot I seen that interview on Al Lindstrom good job my dude.

    • B.Dot

      @ZoomZoomDad-Otis Thank ya kindly.

  • Anon DCPL

    GRODT was in my car CD deck for that whole year. Never took that shit out. That’s when you know you got a real classic. Last hip hop album I’ve listened to repetitively.

    So far, Good Kid Mad City has still been stuck in my car since it came out.

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  • Nelly did just as much as him!!

  • money maker

    and where is nelly now……then where is 50 pure respect to his hustle. ..even though he gets arrogant sometimes


    That 1,000,000 sold for before I self destruct is a little suspect but a great career nonetheless.

  • Black Chalk

    50 is a legend.

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit ^

  • PolarBearsToenails

    OK no disrespect to the body of work but if Before I Self Destruct sold a million then I got a 14 inch dick

  • Wall

    Not many hip hop artists with such a resumé!
    50, one of the most entertaining dudes in the game! Waiting for that album though…!

  • rahrahrah

    I couldn’t stand dude for talking disrespectful about RZA and Wu-Tang. But I’ve grown to respect him. He was the first hip-hop artist I actively disliked. Up to that point, if I didn’t like your music, I just ignored you. Nowadays I actually find myself rooting for him. I wish it were possible for him to mend fences, it seems as if he will always need a presidential detail because of all the bridges he’s burned. It’s like Suge Knight used to be so feared, and as he’s fallen more and more people have touched him.

  • Wall

    @PolarBearsToenails: These figures are very likely to be WorldWide figures. And whilst most hip hop acts don’t sell internationally, 50 does. Whilst most dudes in Europe barely know who the majority of American rappers are, 50 cent is an icon. He’s mad famous, not only by hiphop fans, but by the mainstream. How come? Well, when you ride with Em, and have worldwide #1 hits, that’s what you get, for better or worse.

  • Black Shady

    CRAZY!!!!!! Congrats to the man

  • Devante

    This guy has been dirt poor, been jail, been shot 9 times, been black balled and the only person who was willing to help him got killed. So there should be no excuses to be successful…

  • Devante

    In jail*

  • Zero Grammys

  • Oh wait nevermind I was just hatin. Congrats 50

  • …. and just 1 good song (In Da Club)

  • Durban


  • wright

    he doesn’t need no Grammy’s ..he could buy one if he want…

  • JD

    Nice words after that 50 cent tweet.

  • Fernando

    Look at the people hating on his resumée! pathetic! This guy is the definition of make something out of nothing. Oh and he’s always been the same, never changed for nobody…

  • HipHopLives

    those asking bout the BISD sales….the sales are world wide not only US…he sold 500k in the US..

  • Evil

    Respect to the man.
    Now with all that 50 has been through,he is one of the few rappers who could have made a song like “Started From The Bottom”
    Too bad Drake ran with it first,its a great concept for a song but doesnt fit Drake at all,he has never been at the bottom.Period



  • sumit

    hes in my top 5,…fuck omar saint louis

  • Well done to 50, mad respect. Besides Eminem & Mc Hammer, i dont know any other rapper that has a resume this impressive. I know Pac did well album sales wise on a global scale, Snoop & Jigga as well but their resumes dont look like this. Nelly was US sensation not a global sensation.

  • imtravi

    Eminem or OutKast by the numbers would be much more interesting…

  • Word

    @HipHopLives thanks for that because I was about to cosign @BBGUN because I don’t remember BISD selling that much but if that’s 1mil WW that’s understandable I guess. I actually didn’t even think he’d go Gold with that.

  • Chronic

    I will say this about 50 nowadays, his rap might not be as good, but I honestly feel like part of it is because he keeps it real. He’s not gonna make songs talking about killin people or sellin drugs now cause he’s been so far removed from it for so long. So he raps about his money, business ventures and his outlook on life.

    His music maybe suffered, but at least he’s not rapping about sellin tons of coke and all the stupid shit a lot of big rappers (especially Ross) rap about.

  • WestCoast

    Respect 50 cent *worldwide icon*
    Eminem #1 worldwide ( 100milli Album + 66 mili facebook + 1.5 billion youtube views+grammy’s awards +oscar+……..)

  • imperial85

    I know mac diesel came on his computer screen reading all that.

  • imperial85

    good stuff tho. why did he leave 40 glocc off the artist section

  • Da Business

    Hate him or love me, his movement was crazy. Shit was bigger than the Wu-Tang movement. We will never see this again in hip hop.

  • Ran

    Where ross resume at?

  • Does MMG know about this post?

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Bawse’s hurt feelings

  • brollya

    dis nigga done sold more records den mmg and we the best records all together……. maybe stil be some more left

  • AG 3000

    Yeah, that Before I self destruct number is hella suspect, hahaha.

  • Blackjew
  • Shante F.

    wait so jay-z don’t count

  • Polo

    before i self destruct may actually sold 1 million by now. it was over 500K 2+ years ago.

  • Polo

    btw, BISD leaked one month before its official release. the numbers he did with it were good. he already had put out so much content with so many mixtapes and albums. he needs to follow eminems tracks tho. he needs to grow up as a musician. less rapping about shiny stuff , more rapping about real life problems nowadays. i can’t believe him sometimes. he has that SK movement thing, feed a billion starving people and he still releases songs about dealing and killing.


      street king immortal.. he has the new day song and dont turn on me ft skylar grey… i think street king immortal will be classic… he going to give the ghetto kids a little motivation!

  • M.T

    50 had such a huge impact in Hip Hop. Congrats to him.

  • jay

    this is pure inspiration.
    respect the hustle

  • Donn


  • BISD numbers look bogus tho

  • bcro28

    @shamba menelek those are world wide numbers not us numbers. In the us he sold 500k. He went gold in feb of 2010.

  • crakavelli

    don’t forget all the g-unit radios

  • 3rdwardsoldier

    bossssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so fucking huge

  • 9th Wonder

    fifth is the last of a dying breed i wish i had the opportunity to work with someone of his genius

  • Polo

    @Donn. stfu.

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  • Real.

    Congrats to 50 is in order. But, top 5 dead or alive? Not even close.

  • 3rdwardsoldier

    top 5 dead or alive most succseful rapper yes but not best i guess

  • T

    if u like 50 cent you cant like real lyrics

  • j

    While the quality of his work has declined, mad respect to Fifty.

  • GRODT is a classic album. Everybody my age bumped the shit outta that album. This dude is gonna make a classic as well.. REAL SHIT: http://www.killakake.com

  • drakkarnoir

    Damn near remarkable.

    Artist—> (BOOGIE MAK) / #TEAM-BLE 2013′ http://www.reverbnation.com/boogiemak