New Music: Lil Durk x Wiz Khalifa “Molly Girl (Remix)”

As the world continues to go jolly for Molly, Wiz Khalifa now joins the fun by popping one to Lil Durk’s track. Remix baby.

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  • Black Chalk


    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^

  • headedhard

    All these fools do is copy SOSA.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    I must say I’m impressed. Lil Derps lyrics are strong and unique. Notice how he talks about things that no one dares to discuss. The true issues in our community and world. For instance how he uses “Molly’s” and “Gold bottles” as a metaphor for how lobbyists are destroying our financial infrastructure.

    Tru Visionary.

    WOAT -______-

  • SOSA


  • Nova

    Another molly song smh .____.

  • koO

    FUCK rappers that promote chemical substances.

  • Chronic

    @koo chemical substances are just as much a part of rap as the beats are. Since the 90s name some guys who have made it big without talking about sellin or doin drugs…or since you said “chemical substances”, that would include alcohol. So almost every rappers in the last 20 years fall under that category.

  • Based Based Barea

    Whack ass niggas LMAO

    This is what ya’ll niggas LIKE? Hahahaha

  • Chronic

    But let me just also say this shit is garbage

  • Joe lake

    molly dont even like you niggas

  • koO

    @Chronic 1. Alcohol is not a chemical. 2. Rappers in the 90’s talked about selling, not abusing. 3. There’s a huge difference between documenting and glorifying.

  • Chronic

    1. You’re retarded, if you had said not a synthetic chemical you woulda been right. But alcohol is a chemical. Technically almost everything in the world is made up of chemicals, and alcohol is the chemical in alcoholic drinks.

    2. So you never listened to eminem or D12? or any rappers who talked about smoking weed (thc is a chemical)

    3. I agree to a certain degree and I would also love to see all the hype about Molly and other hard drugs outta hip hop….But I’m just saying its always been and will be a part of the game.

  • whisky jonez

    nothing says “gangster” more than some dumb wanna be thug motherfuckers on mdma. “mollys” were cool 10 years ago…when i was 17…ya’ll are acting like some bitches. TJ says “molly” now everybody has a molly song and 9345395720 remixes…jesus…is there NO creativity in “hip hop” anymore?!?!!?!!?!?!!?!?

  • 3rdwardsoldier

    REMEMBER THAT HIM AND REESE SIGNED WITH DEF JAM…BY NO OTHER THAN THE GREAT PRODUCER NO I.D lol dudes knows talent and this was like1 year ago before they got famous ..def jam saw their potential


    @whisky jonez

    French made molly popular in rap not TJ btw

  • HK


  • shiitz Siic