New Music: Prince “Breakfast Can Wait”

Breakfast can wait? No it can’t. Nonetheless, Prince keeps the audibles coming with another smooth operation. Add it to your playlist by purchasing the song here.


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  • Belize

    Blouses bitches

  • G SLIM

    hell yeah breakfast can wait when it comes to a bed full of supermodels ready to suck you off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….that’s what hes referring to GENIUS!!!!

  • rahrahrah

    Of the three new songs he’s released. This is my favorite so far.

  • hannibal lecture

    @belize that’s what I was thinking about. That chappelle show skit lol



  • jburg

    This that shit….

  • hands

    sounds like someone dusted off his linndrum

  • Prince has zero direction.

    It’s a problem many artists on his level have where they have enough money for their own studio/studio time & produce their own music.
    From Bob Dylan to Michael Jackson , these legends lose focus and put out a ton of music with no cohesive pattern to it.

    I would like to see Prince get a producer or co-producer to reign him in a bit.

    Cool song tho
    just notice his music is all over the place from one song to the next

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    On Prince’s worst day , he’s better than Timberlake’s best day

  • brza

    This is dope. Prince is legendary.