• real talk


  • Space Ghost

    This sh%t bangs!!!! Turn Up!

  • Space Ghost

    This sh*t bangs! Turn Up!

  • pe2rox

    “Walked the road to riches barefeet”- Rozay

    Big song! Great video!

  • M.T

    nice. Ace hood can spit.

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    I was expecting the same old strippers and cars video but this video is far from that.
    An actual concept.
    This is going to be a big song and this video made it that much bigger.

  • major surprise!

  • chiraq G

    i never felt ace hood was the best rapper, but I’ve always bought his albums from day one. He has consistently grown, and hopefully he can become a mature artist and businessman in the game

  • the brain trust

    It’s crazy what a good video can do for a song. Dope!

  • Mr.G

    Dope Vid, great Song

  • Willie Hozay

    it was nice of birdman to let ace use his car lol

  • onenutned

    dis shit stay on repeat

  • The_Inside

    This & “Love Me” by Lil Wayne are gonna be battling it out for 2013 Spring Anthem. Future goin so stoopid right now on these hooks im proud of him, he came a long way.

  • boom

    how orginal….

  • dll32

    Nice vid. Makes the song more likable

  • HK

    dope video

  • Christian

    They could of been more creative with the video, I agree. If you haven’t, check out this version of Future’s Karate Chop remix with lil wayne its pretty good.