New Video: Gucci Mane “Swervin”

While we wait for Trap God 2 to drop next Tuesday, Gucci pulls up in a fly whip with a few fly chicks in the video for a song from its first installment, Trap God. Swerve!

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  • Blackjew
  • bumpy johnson

    trinidad james >>>>>> gucci mane …..

  • rahrahrah

    Servin’ or Swervin’ I’m confused.

  • Chubby Chops

    lol its servin’ not swervin


  • recordpusher

    Gucci beats down a dj for playing his song… and the #1 Hip Hop blog still shows love…

  • Gucci biting that 2 chains flow

  • koO

    FUCK rappers promoting the use of chemicals. Support positive shit, peace.

  • fh

    wack shit

  • the is called Servin’ … pay attention to your job Homie… you are the worst blogger.

  • Jungle

    Gucci mane do more work before lunch than your favorite rapper does in 2 years

  • Jungle

    It’s no other established rapper that invests more money back into their craft real talk like em or not.

  • IIG

    I don’t know where this song came from, but it damn sure ain’t on the first Trap God. There’s a song called “Servin” but it’s not this. This sounds like a freestyle or something he put together real quick.

  • 3rdwardsoldier


    i know right lol like why the hell he aint shoot a song from trap god 1 full of bangers instead he does this shitty shit