New Video: Joe Budden Ft. Fabolous, Lil Wayne, & Tank “She Don’t Put It Down”

Well, this is confusing. The original track featured Lil Wayne and the remix had Fabolous. But now that the video’s out, they’re both in it. One thing that’s clear though, Joe Budden’s No Love Lost is available now.

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  • Your Father

    LMAO. The Wayne scene green screen is not happening.
    Looking like a Nigerian movie.

  • B.Dot


  • They REALLY put Wayne in front of a random green screen.

    And Fab looks unkempt as hell, yo. lol.

  • they reallyyy butchered the shit out this…

  • Mizz-Talie

    I remember when dudes use to dress street, now they dress up like some summer time daisies..this video is terrible tho

  • poetic assasin

    Budden doin his thing, gettin that independent money. Lovin the album even though he altered the style. Grown man shit , will buy official copy this Friday.

  • Mic Check


  • boom

    lmfaoo #fail at Joey doin that signature cookin/southerntrapbeat dance in the video

  • Black Shady

    is it me or fab is going for that kdot hairc…..nvm

    LMAO @ wayne’s green screen. “Joe Budden???? Who? oh! Hes lucky I agree to shoot it in my living room”


  • onenutned

    Joey always said he could make the bullshit music I guess now he’s out to prove it.

  • Gaz

    Why even use a green screen, just have wayne in a room rapping his shit, joe cant be happy with this video

  • Pizzle

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  • As much as I’m annoyed by Budden and his VH1 shenigans , I PAID for the album.
    Good stuff. Couple of “rock” type tunes in there too.

    This video is just lazy.
    I don’t get how you make a video with so many cliches
    There’s so much you could do to make it memorable & this isn’t how you do it
    it’s every other video we’ve seen in the last 10 years

    Aim higher next video Joe

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Green Screen in the video was more exciting than Wayne’s verse

  • bluengold85

    This song would be alright if it didn’t sound like some kid was trying to recreate “I’m On One” using Pro Tools.

    And hmm, I wonder who couldn’t make the video shoot?

  • dll32

    [email protected] Father
    Wayne fvcked this up…

  • Pusha


  • The original lucci

    U want lil Wayne in the video it’s not in the budget!! Haha I would’ve cut his part out and gave tank a longer verse!!! Word

  • B.A.G.

    Get em Joey… Quit hatting on this man, where they do that at???? Top 5 in the game right now, you deserve the success big homie!

  • Safe Dwade


  • Fried Chicken

    So Joe Budden didn’t afford to flight Weezy and book him a 5 star hotel?

  • B.A.G.

    You know Weezy wasnt gonna show up after that “Im so NY Weezy prolly dont like me line…”

  • LP1031

    Fab verse should of been last tho, It just off

  • That Guy

    Another example of rappers that are individually successful being fed into this machine that generates “singles” for the masses intended to make millions but produces shit. Just stick to what you’re good at. Weezy and that screen…. LOL!

  • brza

    “I’m On One” knock off and a Lil’ Wayne green screen? Ouch.

  • Blackjew
  • Reg

    How dudes hating when Fab just spit one of the best verses this year… “Told my ex don’t be bitter, be better; I replace her before I regret her”

  • caliking

    budden was alright I feel like hes a good rapper but at the same time hes not.. like I’m feeling what dude is spitting but its something about his energy or presence.. doesnt stand out. fab killed this. wayne ruined the song.

  • Lost Soul

    Its clear why lil wayne is on the song, but his ass could of been cut out the video…he ruined it with his bullshit performance.

  • Shooga

    Weezy is like: “PUT GREEN SCREEN ON EVERYTHING!”. Ruined this shit.

  • Lahoom

    This is a fucking joke right? Joey dancing his motherfuckin ass off, fab looking gay as shit in the leather tee and what the fuck Wayne doing? Sad.