New Video: Flatbush Zombies “MRAZ”

Dranks and weed are the necessities when crafting a track. Here’s the end result from the Flatbush Zombies inside their home studio. Better Off DEAD is coming soon.

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  • hahaha that’s not liquor. and it’s “Better OFF Dead”

  • CrdnlSn

    I like the whole concept, and image that these guys have, but the music doesn’t quite match up yet. Maybe they’ll improve as the years go by.

  • Obama

    I guess it’s all about the gimmick these days..

  • i like the first dude.

  • alot off gimmicks here music aint there jet

  • SaveHipHop

    Zombies do hip hop right every time. Yall need to go listen to D.R.U.G.S from start to end.

  • djismyname

    What they put in they juice in the start of the video?