• Black Chalk

    YAWN. joey pretty dope on tracks but they gotta chill with these off the dome rhymes.

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^

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  • billions

    Joey Lost , Lil B ended this nigga

  • jrose

    dude kirk knight sucks ahaha always quick to grab the mic too haha

  • Timmy D

    Nyck Caution went off, I’m waiting him to drop a tape

  • Kirk needs to stick with making beats. Or something.

    He sucks in EVERY cypher.

  • smh

    Joey has no bars! smh ayoi listen to all his “freestyles” and a few records and its a just a bunch of rambling . just because i dont think he’s dope as everyone thinks he he is im not hating. no memorable lines or metaphors makes for a lackluster song,freestyle and these WRITTTEN cyphas on todays generation. i may be stuck in he lae 90’s but atleast we had bars. these are just words just thrown together.i couldnt even watch the whole thing because the lines were weak. only reason why other people fuck with Joey and his crew because because theyso called rap like in 90’s era with dope metaphors and Premier made afew beats but other than that this isht is wack. again just because i dont like something doesnt mean im hating because im not im just giving my opinion from a hiphop head that pays attention to the words and not the pageantry. they all need to sit down and write more because this wasnt good at all.

  • lmao @” i dont wanna hear no mumbling yo”

  • E$CO

    this shit sucks.

  • Selorm Denu

    I appreciate how they spit off the top…but I think they need more practice. But the beauty of it all is that they are mad young so they can only get better!! @ billions…you bugging Lil B is wack…

  • y-nation

    i would rather listen to a good a pre written than some average of the dome gibberish…its bars that matter at the end of the day

  • jesus

    it wasnt that good but joey is better then all of ymcmb